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Love it or hate, the iPhone has revolutionized how we use our mobile devices. And more than a decade after its initial debut, Apple continues to tweak the formula — introducing upgraded components and new features with every iteration of the flagship headset. But how do you become a great photographer, master notifications, and optimize the mobile experience? Here’s everything you should know about the iPhone, whether you’re looking for the latest news, comparison pieces, or in-depth guides that outline how to make the most of your new device.

A person holding the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

The best iPhone 15 Plus cases in 2024: 15 best ones right now

The iPhone 15 Plus is here with the A16 Bionic chip, a 6.7-inch OLED display, USB-C, and more. Here are the best cases to keep it safe!
New cases for the iPhone 15.

The best iPhone 15 cases in 2024: our 20 favorites

iPhone showing a spam text with the Report Junk option.

How to stop spam texts on iPhone and Android phones

Nomad's Modern Leather case on an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases in 2024: top 17 you can buy

hidden iMessage features.

7 hidden iMessage features you need to be using

OtterBox OtterGrip case front of iPhone 14 Pro

The best iPhone 14 Pro cases: 20 best ones in 2024

Close-up view of titanium frame on iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The top 7 bestselling phones of 2023 were all … you guessed it

The Apple Sports app on an iPhone.

Apple Sports app looks to rule live scores and stats on iOS

The Apple logo on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

‘Sophisticated’ iPhone fraud involving fake handsets leads to convictions

A person using a smartphone.

How to record phone calls on your iPhone quickly and easily

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro in hand.

Why I ditched my iPhone 15 Pro for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

iPhone 14 Pro showing the Moon always-on screen, held in a man's hand.

How to reset your iPhone, restart it, and wipe your data

A person holding an iPhone while taking a Live Photo.

How to turn a Live Photo into a video on your iPhone

Having trouble sending iPhone Live Photos to your friends with Android phones? We'll teach you how to convert those images into quick and easy videos and GIFs.
iPhone 15 Pro in hand with iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 in background.

Stop putting your wet iPhone in rice — seriously

Experts have been warning users against the rice bag technique for over a decade. Now, Apple also advises against putting a wet iPhone in dry rice.
How to Hide Apps on an iPhone.

How to hide apps on your iPhone

Whether you want some privacy or don't want to be embarrassed, it's easy to hide apps on an iPhone. This article explains exactly how to do it step-by-step.
A screenshot of a voice message being recorded on an iPhone.

How to send a voice message on your iPhone

Sometimes, sending a voice message is a lot easier than typing one out. Here's how to record, send, and save voice messages on your iPhone!
Renders of iPhone 15 Pro Max cases next to each other.

The best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases in 2024: the 20 best ones

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the biggest and most expensive iPhone you can buy right now. Be sure to protect it with these excellent cases!

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone (any generation)

With this simple guide, we show you how to take a screenshot on an iPhone in a few easy steps, regardless of the model.
Download folder

How to find downloaded files on an iPhone or Android phone

We download files to our phones all the time, but finding them can be tricky. Here's a guide on how to find downloads on your Apple, Samsung, or Android phone.
Christine wearing the Apple Vision Pro demo unit.

I tried the Apple Vision Pro. Here’s why it won’t replace my iPhone

Thanks to a demo at the Apple Store, I tried out the Apple Vision Pro. Will it replace my iPhone? No ... at least not yet.
iBlason iPhone 15 Pro case sponsored

The best iPhone 15 Pro cases in 2024: our 20 favorites

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is the iPhone to buy if you want the most powerful iPhone available in a smaller size. Here are the best cases to keep it safe.
best iPhone and Android apps for Black History Month.

The best iPhone and Android apps for Black History Month 2024

Here are the best iPhone and Android apps for Black History Month. These apps have been developed by Black-owned businesses and cover various topics.
Folding iPhone concept from iOS Beta News.

iPhone Flip: what we know about Apple’s first foldable phone

When will Apple release a foldable iPhone and what will it look like? Here's everything we know about the mythic iPhone Flip.
Personal taking iPhone 15 Pro out of pocket with Rustic Brown Nomad Magnetic Leather Back attached.

Nomad’s new iPhone accessory is unlike anything you’ve seen before

Well-known case maker Nomad has announced a brand new type of iPhone accessory — and it's unlike any we've seen before.
The display on a green iPhone 15.

Best iPhone 15 deals: How to get Apple’s latest iPhone for free

Looking for the latest iPhone 15 at a great price? We've got all you need to know about how to get it for free or at an excellent price.
A Zagg Glass XTR3 screen protector on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

I used to hate screen protectors, but this one changed my mind

Are screen protectors really necessary on our smartphones? I used to not think so. However, one screen protector changed my mind.
A person holding the Apple iPhone 15 Plus and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 16: news, rumored price, release date, and more

The iPhone 15 is the latest and greatest, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to the iPhone 16. Here's what we know so far.
A green iPhone 15 in hand in front of plant.

This is one of the best iPhone 16 leaks I’ve seen yet

There are plenty of iPhone 16 leaks and rumors floating around. But there's one, in particular, that's really caught my eye.
Renders of the Galaxy S24 Ultra next to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: Which one is best?

Samsung's premium Galaxy S24 Ultra has arrived, but does it pull ahead of Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max?
Apple iPhone 15 Plus and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max seen from the back.

What does the ‘i’ in iPhone stand for? Here’s what it really means

The iPhone is no doubt one of Apple's biggest success stories. But what exactly does that i in iPhone stand for?
OtterBox Lumen Series Year of the Dragon for iPhone 15 Pro with mophie Powerstation Plus 10K CNY Dragon.

I’m in love with these Lunar New Year iPhone accessories

February 10, 2024, is the start of the Lunar New Year, with the dragon taking the spotlight this year. Celebrate with these fun iPhone accessories.
Sports scores for an NBA game displayed in an iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island.

The next iPhone SE may steal this feature from the iPhone 15

New iPhone SE rumors are circulating. According to the latest report, Apple's next SE smartphone may steal a big feature from the iPhone 15.
Gray Samsung Galaxy S24 (left), Rose Gold Google Pixel 8, Flowy Emerald OnePlus 12, Green iPhone 15, Titanium Gray iPhone 15 Pro on a pink and red heart blanket.

The OnePlus 12 has one big advantage over Samsung and Apple

The OnePlus 12 has a great display, battery life, and more. But there's one thing, in particular, that gives it an edge over phones from Samsung and Apple.
Foldable iPhone in hand.

Apple’s mythical folding iPhone might soon become a reality

Rumors of a folding iPhone have existed for years. According to one new report, Apple is actually one step closer to making it a reality.

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