Kim.com goes live, trumpets release of Mr President protest song

Kim Dotcom Mr President VideoKim Schmitz, A.K.A Kim Dotcom has launched the next stage in his efforts to become the poster boy for freedom on the Internet, and to draw attention to his legal plight: A website named — what else — Kim.com, and a self-produced song and video entitled Mr. President.

Dotcom was arrested in January this year, along with three others, after his company, Megaupload.com, was shutdown for copyright infringement. The sting came at the same time as Internet activists were battling the threat from SOPA and PIPA, and interest in the case has remained high ever since.

Initially banned from using the Internet as part of his bail conditions, the ban was later lifted and Dotcom began a new life on the Web, taking to various social networking channels including Twitter and Instagram.

He has since amassed more than 105,000 followers on the former, and announced the launch of his new website there earlier this morning.

Kim.com goes live

Kim.com is dominated by Mr President and its accompanying video. The song contains three simple messages: Hollywood is in control of American politics, the government is killing innovation and that the war for the Internet has only just begun.

Its call to action is for everyone to unite, push for change and to stop “Hollywood” from taking control of the Internet. Dotcom invites everyone to share and download the song.

There is a more serious aspect to the site too, as it has a list of ten facts about the Megaupload “scandal,” which does help bring those just learning about the case up to speed, but it’s naturally skewed in Dotcom’s favor.

Visitors can also join “The Movement,” a phrase which often appears in Mr President, along with images of people in V for Vendetta masks protesting against SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.

Dotcom interviewed

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly of all, is a link to Dotcom’s interview with current affairs broadcaster John Campbell in New Zealand. It’s 23-minutes long, and a fascinating look at a man who has become well-known over the past few months, but up until now hasn’t been given the chance to speak for himself in this way.

It’s also our first proper chance to hear Dotcom’s thoughts on the charges against him, his opinion of piracy, the MPAA and the Hollywood system. Unsurprisingly, he pleads his innocence at every opportunity, ending the interview by saying “I’m no criminal and I’ve done nothing wrong. I will fight it, it’s all I can do.”

The launch of Kim.com and Mr President comes in the same month that the judge overseeing the case in New Zealand recused himself, Dotcom offering to go to the US voluntarily after his extradition hearing was delayed until March 2013, and the publication of his open letter to Hollywood, where he again plead innocence.

Kim.com and Mr President will almost certainly gain Dotcom new supporters, and see additional coverage in the press, but will any of it help save him from conviction?