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London police trialling crime prediction software

Police in London have revealed details of a recent study into the effectiveness of crime prediction software, using social media and historical data to better target their resources.


Microsoft updates Outlook for Mac — but you’ll have to wait for the rest of Office

It's been a while in coming, but Microsoft has pushed out a new, improved version of Outlook for Mac for Office 365 subscribers. The other apps in Office for Mac won't be updated until 2015.


Triple video cards rocket Origin's Millennium from 'fast' to 'fastest ever tested'

What do you get when you combine an overclocked Intel Core i7-5960X, with three GTX 980 video cards? Record breaking performance, that's what.

  • Pros: Highly customizable , Easy to upgrade or repair , Plenty of…
  • Cons: Large and very heavy , Extremely loud at full load

How to password protect a PDF

Do you need to secure a PDF from prying eyes? This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to password protect it so that no one can mess with your precious docs.


This new Chrome extension from Google makes browsing through your bookmarks a breeze

Tired of viewing your bookmarks the old fashioned way? Get graphical (and more organized) with Google's latest extension.


Hey kids, hacking is bad, mmkay? Pirate Bay co-founder could face another six years in prison

Already convicted twice for running Pirate Bay and hacking, Gottfrid Svartholm could spend another six years in prison for more crimes. Learn more here.


The first laptop with clicky mechanical keys will make everyone at Starbucks hate you

Mechanical keyboards are often preferred by gamers for their increased accuracy, but they haven't been available on gaming laptops. MSI is changing that with the GT80 TItan.


Google coughs up $2,250 for showing a woman’s cleavage in Street View

Earlier this month, Google was ordered to pay a Canadian woman $2,250 for showing her cleavage in Street View on Google Maps. The lawsuit was initially filed back in 2011.


What’s next for the Sprout? From 3D printing to accessories, HP explains

We got to speak with Steve Smith, who is the Director of Research and Development for the team in charge of the Sprout by HP, which was just revealed today. Steve gave us a clear glimpse at what he and HP have in store for the Sprout.


Brazil to unweave the NSA’s web by laying domestically controlled fiber optic cables

The Brazilian government intends to combat NSA espionage by using non-U.S. companies to build new fiber-optic cable infrastructure.


UK’s upcoming supercomputer won’t weather any storms, but it may accurately predict them

The fastest, most accurate weather-predicting supercomputer in the world is scheduled to be operational by next September. Here are the details.


Apple CEO Tim Cook is proud to be gay, hopes his openness can help others

Apple CEO Tim Cook has talked about being gay, saying although he is fortunate enough to work in a company which embraces people's differences, others aren't so lucky. If his openness can benefit them, he says, it'll be worth the trade-off with his own…


Mo money, less problems: Facebook offers $300K bounty for making the Web safer

Facebook wants to put an end to online security vulnerabilities, offering a prize of $300,000 for anyone eager to lend a hand.


How to send text messages and make phone calls with Mac OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite includes an awesome feature that lets you send text messages and make phone calls from your Mac through an iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Here's how to set it up start using it.


Ready for a new Office experience? Microsoft is, with a tentative release set for late 2015

Microsoft's next version of Office, likely dubbed Microsoft Office 2016, could debut in the second half of 2015 with a few updates and aesthetic tweaks. Learn more here.


Hands on: HP’s Sprout wants to be your 3D creation station

HP’s Sprout is an ambitious desktop PC with a built-in 3D scanner and touch mat, which make it more intuitive to create and design on your desktop.


White House down: Unidentified hackers breach US government computer security

Unidentified hackers have breached the the White House computer network. Russians are suspected.


LG’s newest 31-inch 4K monitor promises to fulfill the fantasies of any graphic artist (Updated)

LG's latest 31-inch 4K monitor is impressive from a specification standpoint, but it's also fairly expensive. Find out how impressive and pricey it is here.


Reddit dips its toe into crowdfunding with Redditmade

Reddit has entered the crowdfunding space with Redditmade. While specifically geared towards subreddits that want to make official merchandise, anyone with a Reddit account can launch their own campaign.


A desktop for Dali: Meet HP’s wildly innovative Sprout

HP's Sprout computer is an amalgamation of different cutting-edge technologies, and could alter the way users make anything. The system is part of a new 3D creation and printing ecosystem that includes a new 3D printing technology.


Getting a little snap happy? Mylio tames your sprawling camera roll

Having trouble keeping track of all your photos? Mylio is hoping to help. We go hands on with the app that wants to bring all your photos back into one place for organizing and backup.


Verizon is hand-crafting a tech news site that won’t write about NSA or Net neutrality

Verizon's new tech & culture site, Sugarstring, comes with a big catch for its writers and readers: Don't talk about Net neutrality or about surveillance on U.S. Citizens.


Don’t waste any gaming space with Maingear’s newest X-Cube PC, which is powerful and tiny

Offering high levels of gaming performance and portability is no easy feat, but Maingear's refreshed X-Cube pulls it off. Learn more here.


The best monitor we've ever tested is worth rearranging your desk to make room for

Paying thousands for a display sounds crazy, but it'll make sense when you see what Samsung's new U32D970Q 4K monitor can do.

  • Pros: Sturdy and attractive , Lots of input options , Precise…
  • Cons: 4K on a 32-inch monitor isn't that sharp , Mediocre contrast…

Microsoft borrows some Mac OS X gestures in Windows 10 Build 9865

The latest area where Microsoft has found inspiration in Apple's work is gesture support. Here's a look at future OS X-like Win 10 gestures.


Who needs a hard drive? Microsoft offers unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 users

In its latest attempt to crush Dropbox and Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage limits are no more for Office 365 subscribers.


CyberPowerPC’s latest Fangbook fights tooth and nail to win the hearts of gamers

Flashy, cool, speedy, and power-efficient, CyberPowerPC's latest Fangbook may also be one of the most affordable in the series. Get the whole scoop here.


Turbocharge your laptop with a desktop GPU? Now Alienware makes a box for that

Beef up your Alienware notebook with the Graphics Amplifier, a beastly box that lets you upgrade one of the firm's gaming laptops with a desktop graphics card.


You can abduct an Alienware 13 gaming laptop starting October 28

Alienware is back with a brand new gaming laptop, but don't worry. You won't have to struggle to lug this notebook around. Learn more here.