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Microsoft announces Bluetooth mobile keyboard for iOS, Android and Windows devices

Microsoft's new 'Universal Mobile Keyboard' is compatible with Windows tablets, as well as iOS and Android devices. The Bluetooth keyboard can run for six months on a single charge, and launches next month with an $80 price tag.


AOC says its new display tech is a lot less damaging to your eyes

AOC claims that its new display tech is much less harmful for your eyes than what the competition offers. Learn more here.


Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 specs allegedly leak days before reveal

It looks like the stat sheet for Nvidia's next high-end graphics card is already out there. Learn more here.


Microsoft ditches wireless USB for Bluetooth in its new Arc Touch mouse

Microsoft adds Bluetooth connectivity to its eye-grabbing Arc Touch mouse, which will be launching sometime this fall. You can learn more here.


FCC hosts first round table event in series to discuss Net neutrality (updated)

The FCC will host a series of round table discussions on the subject of net neutrality this September and October. All of the discussions will be livestreamed.


Vivax’s super-tough laptop case is now available for pre-order

You can now pre-order the super durable Vivax Laptop Case for close to $190. Learn more here.


Net neutrality is under threat from the FCC: What it is, and how we got here (Updated)

Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about Net neutrality. If you want to know what it's all about, we’ve constructed a timeline to show the relevant events that led us to this point.


How to speed up your computer

Is your computer slowing you down? Here’s a user-friendly guide that anyone can use to get his or her hardware and software back into tip-top shape.


Microsoft is holding an event on September 30, could Windows 9 be revealed?

Microsoft is holding an event on September 30, the company announced. Could this be where it officially lifts the veil on Windows 9? Learn more here.


DisplayPort 1.3 standard announced, supports 5K displays

4K monitors? That's so 2013. DisplayPort 1.3, which supports displays with resolutions up to 5K, has just been announced. Learn more here.


Windows 9 video of multiple desktop features in use leaks out

This clip gives us a glimpse at Windows 9's multiple desktop feature in action. Learn more here.


Newly leaked Windows 9 screenshots make multiple references to Cortana

These newly released images imply that Cortana is indeed coming to Windows 9. Learn more here.


Google adds Chromecast video streaming to dev version of Chrome OS

Google is working on adding the ability to stream movies stored in Google Drive from your Chrome OS computer to Chromecast. For now, it's only enabled in the dev version of Chrome OS. Learn more here.


Canon mulls security concerns after hacker gets Doom running on a Pixma printer

White hat security researcher Michael Jordon has managed to get id Software's 1993 genre-defining first person shooter Doom running on a wireless Canon Pixma printer.


Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ is coming: Here are the latest rumors

Microsoft may be planning to recover from Windows 8 with a new operating system that will support mouse, touch and voice input, expand and refine the Metro interface, and add a replacement for the much-missed Start menu. Here's what we've heard about Windows 9…