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Most Americans have access to 100Mbps Internet, but from just one source

59.4 percent of Americans could opt for a 100 Mbps Internet service if they wanted do, but very few can select between more than one high-speed ISP.


4K monitor holiday gift guide

4K monitors first hit the market ahead of last year’s holiday season, but the displays available then were crude, expensive and sold in limited quantities. They’ve matured considerably over the past year, and now numerous companies have 3,840 x…

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1.5 million people have given Windows 10 a whirl, 450k use the Technical Preview daily

It's safe to say Microsoft's Windows Insider program is a success. Over 1.5 million users have already signed up, and 450,000 of them are "highly active" members.


HP’s new Stream 8 tablet comes with Windows 8.1, and 200MB of free data each month

HP has put two new, reasonably priced tablet up for sale, which run full Windows 8.1 rather than Android, or Windows RT. The Stream 7 and Stream 8 share similar specifications, but the larger tablet comes with 200MB of T-Mobile data for free each month.


U.S. intelligence states North Korea was behind attack on Sony Pictures

Newly reported, off-the-record statements from U.S. intelligence claim North Korea was a key player in the attacks against Sony and suggest an official response may be forthcoming.


Sony cancels the December 25 release of The Interview amidst hacker threats [updated]

The group responsible for the massive Sony email hack has invoked the September 11 terrorist attack in a threat against theaters showing The Interview.

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What’s that under the Christmas tree? A dirt-cheap HP Pavilion X2, courtesy of Microsoft

The 11th day of Microsoft deals shaves a cool $130 off the list price of the all-new HP Pavilion X2 2-in-1 laptop.


Oh, the Who-manity: ‘Grinch’ security bug wreaks havoc on Linux

Another critical security concern on PCs and servers running Linux has come to light, called "Grinch" and deemed just as dangerous as Shellshock.


Mozilla hopes you’re in a giving mood, asks for in-browser Firefox charity

Despite recently signing a no doubt lucrative partnership with Yahoo, the Mozilla Foundation needs more money from Firefox fans to make the browser better.


Kill All Pixels: How to experience crystal-clear 4K on your old desktop PC for $600 or less

Crystal-clear 4K resolution may seem like an expensive pipe dream, but the most recent wave of graphics cards and monitors will allow you to experience it on your desktop for $600 or less.


Former Sony employees sue the movie studio following ‘nightmare’ security breach

Following the recent Guardians of Peace hack, Sony Pictures has been hit with a lawsuit by two former employees claiming the movie studio failed to protect personal data on its computer systems. The suit describes the hack as "an epic nightmare."


Sony Pictures tries to regroup as fraud concerns emerge

Sony's CEO promised employees the entertainment branch of the tech giant will rise after recent hack attacks, no matter the proportions of the PR disaster.


Nasty little Delta Airlines security flaw lets you use someone else’s boarding pass (updated)

Discovered on Monday, a Delta Airlines security flaw lets you get someone else's boarding pass, regardless of airline, simply by changing the URL of your own boarding pass. No word on whether Delta is remedying the flaw.


Microsoft opens the doors to Sway, its newest Office software

Sway, Microsoft's latest presentation web app, combines the productivity of Word, PowerPoint and basic web editing skills, and is now available for all.


Best Buy’s Geek Squad takes over Chicago airport just in time for Christmas

From today through December 23, Geek Squad will be posted at Chicago O'Hare Airport to offer fliers free service. Agents can be located near the airport's Concourse H food court in Terminal 3.