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Speed up Chrome and save bandwidth with Google’s new Data Saver extension

Google brought its bandwidth-saving Data Saver extension to Chrome this week, which should be a boon for those with poor connections.


Safari users suit against Google moves forward in UK courts

A group of Internet privacy activists are claiming that Google bypassed their privacy settings in Safari through cookies that kept track of their Internet activity without their knowledge.


Watch YouTube’s first 4K, 60FPS videos here

Youtube has begun some early trials of running 4K UHD videos at 60 frames per second and it looks good, but there's still some work to be done.


Chrome OS now includes Google Now in launcher, providing a customized experience

Google has improved the functionality of its Chrome OS app launcher with the latest beta update, adding a Google Now search bar with cards giving the user information on local weather, traffic and more.


You'll have to work hard to afford HP's ZBook 15u G2

HP’s new ZBook 15u G2 is built to bring ultrabook portability to workstation users, but can it successfully balance on the tightrope spanning performance and battery life?

  • Pros: Fast enough to handle general work , Design is clean…
  • Cons: Too expensive for what you get , 1080p doesn’t impress at…

Apple’s Tim Cook to donate his wealth (after paying his nephew’s college fees)

Apple boss Tim Cook has joined the growing band of super-rich people pledging to give away their wealth before they die. First, though, he wants to take care of his nephew's college fees.


Get your Sweet 16 fix with our guide to streaming NCAA March Madness online

The Sweet Sixteen begins today when Wichita State takes on Notre Dame in Cleveland. So far, the stories from the front lines haven’t disappointed. Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Duke have lived up to their one-seed standing. And Villanova (also a one-seed)…


Intel and Micron announce 3D NAND production, open gates to 10TB SSDs

Intel and Micron have revealed details of their 3D NAND technology, which is set for mass production later this year. It could enable solid state drives with capacities above 10 terabytes.


The end of the battle between AMD and Nvidia won’t be great for PC gamers

AMD and Nvidia have been locked in battle for over a decade, but now it appears the latter has gained a permanent upper hand. That's bad news for PC gamers.


Your next laptop could be awesome, and here’s why

Laptops have come a long way from the bricks they originally were, and new technology will change them further. Here's what you can expect from the notebook of tomorrow.


Want unlimited cloud storage? Amazon has you covered for $60

For just $60 a year, Amazon is now offering unlimited storage for files, folders, videos, and images, and there's even a three month free trial.


Porn, ads injected into Google Analytics code by new router malware

A new variant of malware is now hijacking the DNS settings of routers, injecting ads and pornography into websites. The specific models of routers being affected has not been released.


Tech giants demand end to NSA spying, as Patriot Act is set to expire

In a letter addressed to the President, a coalition made up of privacy advocates, technology firms, and trade companies called the NSA phone spying program “untenable,” and urged the House to move forward with reforms.


Google cozied up to the White House to end antitrust investigation

Google was the subject of an FTC antitrust investigation in 2011, but it soon reached a settlement. Now, details of the numerous meetings Google held with the White House and the company's huge lobbyist presence have been revealed.


Intel may only release two Broadwell-based CPUs in Q2 2015

New rumors say that Intel will only release two LGA 1150 Broadwell-based CPUs in Q2 2015. The Core i7-5775C and Core i5-5675C might hold up the entirety of the socketed desktop line.