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Describing Apple's 5K iMac display without profanity just doesn't do it justice

We issue you a challenge. Find the nearest iMac with Retina Display and peer in close. Just try to find individual pixels. We dare you.

  • Pros: World's first 5K display , Stunningly sharp and detailed…
  • Cons: Games crash or are unstable at 5K resolution – for now…

Office 365 and Surface Pro 3 are helping Microsoft make a lot of money lately

Microsoft is doing better and better from a financial standpoint. Office 365, and Surface Pro 3 sales are the root causes. Learn more here.


Got a hankering for World Series hardball? This MLB live stream watch guide has you covered

Want to watch and keep track of the 2014 MLB playoffs online? We've got you covered with this guide.


Want 4K graphics on older Nvidia GPUs? These new drivers make that a reality now

How would you like to be able to enjoy 4K-quality graphics on monitors with lesser resolutions? Nvidia makes that dream a reality, even on older GPUs.


Grandma blocks Wi-Fi and mobile signals from her house with $6,400 paint

According to 72-year-old Stefanie Russell, she suffers from electro-sensitivity. To combat this, she hired specialists to coat her house with four layers of anti-radiation paint.


RIP Microsoft Surface Pro 2, we hardly knew ye

With little fanfare, Microsoft seems to have discontinued the Surface Pro 2. Here's the full scoop.


Zuckerberg is mastering Mandarin, and joins the Tsinghua University advisory board

With Facebook looking to learn more about China's tech market, how long until the ban on the social network is lifted from the country?


Chromebook sales keep surging, but remain a blip on Microsoft’s radar

Curious to see how Chromebooks have performed at the box-office in the past three months? Here are some numbers.


Get your fix for pigskin play with this NFL live stream watch guide

The NFL season is finally here. Here's our guide on how to stream live football games online.


One of Apple’s very first computers fetches record-breaking $905,000 at auction

Someone just bought an old Apple computer for nearly a million bucks. The record-breaking sale, which took place at a New York auction house on Wednesday, involved Apple's very first machine, hand-built by company co-founder Steve Wozniak way back in 1976.


Anonabox backers have Invizbox to lean on after Kickstarter controversy

If you appreciated the concept behind the Anonabox router, you may like the Invizbox too. Here's why.


Simpsons World premieres with every episode ever, and some playback bugs

Simpsons World, and all its 550 plus episodes of Simpsons glory, has arrived on the Web, and tucked inside the FX Now app. However, you'll need a cable or satellite subscription to authenticate, and the site/app is also having some initial playback quirks.

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Toshiba’s low-cost Radius 11 convertible bends over backwards to please

Convertible Windows 8.1 laptops don't necessarily have to be expensive, and Toshiba's new Satellite Radius 11 looks like one of the most solid low-cost options out there.


Black Friday kicks off early with hefty discounts on AMD chips

Eager to incentivize computer fans to build new systems or upgrade using A-Series APUs, AMD has announced pre-Black Friday discounts on a number of chips.


Security upgrade! Google will now let you log in with a special USB key

Google on Tuesday announced support for Security Key for its Web services. The Mountain View company promises that the system, which uses a special USB stick, will provide stronger online protection for "particularly security-sensitive" individuals.