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Sony Vaio U70 Portable

Japan always gets the coolest stuff first and Sony’s Vaio U70 is another example of this trend. Currently available only in Japan and from high-tech importers such as Dynamism, the U70 is an ultra-portable, ultra-powerful handheld PC.

The U70 is one of the smallest and lightest full-blown PCs available. It measures just 6.6 x 4.3 x 1.0 inches and weighs a scant 1.2 pounds.

The Sony Vaio U70 features an 800×600 resolution screen and a 1GHz Intel Pentium M Processor.

Features of the Vaio U70 include an 800×600 transflective touchscreen TFT, an integrated pointing stick and mouse buttons. You can input text via the onscreen keyboard or through the external foldable USB keyboard. The keyboard can be plugged directly into the U70 or through an included port replicator. The device also has integrated 802.11g/b wireless, 512MB of RAM, a 20GB hard drive, a memory stick slot, a compact flash slot, and an average 2.5-hour battery life. An available enhanced battery delivers up to 5.5 hours of runtime.

Included in the retail package is the foldable keyboard, a USB 2.0 docking station, remote control, VGA/LAN dongle, soft case for the keyboard, soft case for the U70, and an AC adapter.

Available only in Japan or from importers like Dynamism, the Sony Vaio U70 can be purchased for about $2800.

The Vaio U70 includes a foldable keyboard, port replicator, a remote control and headphones.

Sony also offers a less powerful version called the U50, which features a 900MHz Intel Celeron M processor. Look for a complete review of the Vaio U70 on Designtechnica in the next few weeks.

Complete product specifications:

Model: VGN-U50 VGN-U70
Motherboard Features

Intel Celeron M 900 MHz

Intel Pentium M 1 GHz
System Bus: 400 MHz
Chipset: Intel 855GM
L1 / L2 Cache: 64K / 512K 64K/1MB
RAM (std/max): 256/512MB 512MB
Memory Bus: 266MHz
Optical Drives PCGA-DVRW1 (iLink DVD-RW drive) – optional
PCGA-CRWD2 (iLink CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive) – optional
PCGA-DVD1/A (iLink DVD-Rom drive) – optional
Floppy Drive PCGA-UFD5 (USB Floppy Drive) – optional
Graphic / Video Features
Chip: Intel 855GM
VRAM: 64MB (Max – shared with Main Memory)
Display: 5 ” SVGA TFT
Resolution: 800 x 600
External: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1280×768, 1024×768, 800×600
Sound system
Sound Card: PCM 16bit audio, integrated speaker
Integrated I/O:

USB 2.0 ?1; 802.11b/g Wireless LAN; Speaker; CF Card Slot; Memory Stick slot;

External I/O:

USB 2.0 ?4; i.Link; VGA Out; LAN;

Input / Output Devices
Keyboard: QWERTY 87 Key, 17mm pitch, 2mm keystroke
Pointing Device: Pointing Stick
Battery Life:

Standard Battery: 2.5 hours
Enhanced Battery: 5.5 hours

Consumption: 24W
A/C adapter: 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Physical Features
Size: 6.57(W) x 4.25 (L) x 1.03 (H) [inch]
167mm? height 108mm? depth 26.4mm
Weight: 1.21 lbs / 550g
Operating System:

Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Professional