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Xbox 2 Could Take 30% Market Share

Industry bosses speaking at the Piper Jaffrey conference in New York have sounded notes of cautious optimism about Microsoft’s next-generation plans, with EB president Jeff Griffiths saying that the system could win 30 per cent market share.

“Yes, they could get a 30 per cent share, ” Griffiths told the conference, speaking about the Xbox 2 console which is widely expected to launch by late 2005. “I think if they got less than that they’d be disappointed. If they come out earlier than Sony, if they have the breadth of exclusive titles like Sony had for PS2, I think they’d definitely have potential for market share leadership.”

While it’s obviously positive that key industry executives such as Griffiths believe that the Xbox 2 could share leadership in the next generation, his statement has a number of important caveats – particularly in terms of Microsoft’s ability to deliver on exclusive titles as Sony has.

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