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Televisions Top Holiday Wish Lists

Nearly one-quarter of respondents – 24 percent – said that a high-definition TV, flat-panel TV with LCD display, rear-projection TV or plasma TVs is the high-tech “toy” they’d most like to receive this year.

The next most popular choices were digital cameras (15.6 percent), MP3 or other digital music players (11.8 percent) and wireless home networks (10.6 percent).

Other wish-list products that made the holiday shopping list in the CompTIA Web poll included digital video recorders (8.1 percent), smart phones and personal digital assistants (7.9 percent), tablet PCs (7.7 percent), and portable media centers (2.2 percent).

More options, more complexity

The explosion of digital entertainment options and home network tools brings with it a new level of complexity when it comes to the installation, use and maintenance of these high-tech toys. While ease of use is a feature of some of these products, many others may require the assistance of a professional trained and certified in the installation, integration and troubleshooting of home technology systems. This is especially true for multi-room networked entertainment configurations and home control systems.

“Consumers interested in getting the most out of their investment in expensive consumer electronics and home networks would be wise to rely on a certified technician to turn their residence into a connected home,” said John Venator, president and chief executive officer, CompTIA

One example of a professional credential that demonstrates qualification to design, install and maintain home network systems is the CompTIA Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) certification. This vendor-neutral, multi-dimensional certification identifies professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in working with home network technologies such as home security, whole-house audio and video, computer networks, electrical wiring, heating, ventilation and air conditions (HVAC), cable and satellite, broadband, telecommunications, and structured wiring.

Nearly 1,100 individuals participated in the CompTIA Web poll conducted between October 26 and November 12.