DT Deals: Prey will unveil the thief who stole your gadgets

dt deals prey will unveil the thief who stole your gadgets

No one ever thinks about security tracking software until they lose something valuable. You hear it all the time: “Oh, I was planning to download this app but I put it off” or “I didn’t think I’d get my apartment broken into.” Expect the unexpected by equipping your gadgets with the Prey Pro security system. The software works across PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms and can safeguard up to 10 items so you’ll always know the GPS location of every device. That’s today’s DT Deals for just $50.

While other security software can give you the satellite location, Prey goes further to let you know what the thief is doing on your tablet, computer, or phone. The software can send screenshots of what’s happening on your devices and track which programs are currently running. It’ll even take a snapshot of the person using the device if your gadget has a built-in camera. Updates can either come via e-mail or text messages, and the service lasts for one year. All of this peace of mind is yours today for $50, a 72 percent shaving off Prey’s $180 retail price.

Why wait till it’s too late? All things considered, $50 is a small investment to protect 10 gadgets that collectively cost you way more.