Spybot Creator Takes Aim At Other Spyware

From the interview:

PCW: Exactly what private information is really transmitted with spyware–and is this information that is willingly (although unknowingly) entered by users, or is there spyware that really extracts things deep in a system’s Registry and then transmits them to advertisers?

Kolla: It doesn’t have to go deep into the Registry. The most common things transmitted are the URLs of pages that a user visits; sometimes even data the user enters into a form on a Web site.

PCW: How do you guys find new spyware? Do people come to you and say, “My computer’s behaving strangely and I think it’s spyware,” or do you actively go out looking for it or both?

Kolla: Kind of both. People usually go to a bunch of support places all over the Internet and, well, we just go there, ask them to create some kind of system report, and from that, we request some files.

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