Crysis 2 Pushed Back Until March

crysis 2 pushed back until march

Citing a tweet from developer Crytek, 1up is reporting that the release date for the eagerly anticipated sequel is now officially March 22, 2011 int he US, and March 25 in Europe.

Few have played the original game, and fewer still have played it to its maximum graphical potential, but the sequel has caught the attention of fans with its incredible look. If the delay is simply to finish polishing up the look and to tweak the new CryEngine 3, it could definitely be worth the wait.

Not a whole lot is known about the plot, other than it is set in New York in 2023 following an alien infestation. Although the story is connected to the first game, it will introduce a new protagonist, and should be accessible to gamers unfamiliar with the first Crysis.

The game is due out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.