Panasonic Unveils 2004 DVD Player Line-up

With an emphasis on a new slim design and strengthened picture and sound quality, all the new Panasonic DVD decks feature multiple format playback of DVD Video, DVD-R1 and DVD-RAM, CD-R and CD-RW2, as well as MP33 and HighMAT¾ a new technology co-developed by Panasonic and Microsoft for sharing digital media between PCs and consumer electronic products. Step-up models add DVD-Audio playback, while top-of-the-line single-disc player DVD-SA97 adds HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). In addition, the two new changer models feature a higher disc-to-disc access speed than previous models.
Progressive scan, multiple format players start at $79.95 manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP*) for a single-disc deck (model DVD-S27) and $119.95  MSRP* for a 5-disc changer (model DVD-F86).  Blending astounding performance with a new, elegant design, Panasonic’s 2004 DVD line is engineered with a host of advanced features to deliver an unsurpassed home theater experience.

“Whether it’s recreating the visual drama of the cinema, or playing WMA and MP3 music files, consumers can enjoy the extraordinary quality of a high-quality, multi-format player starting at less than $80.00 suggested retail price,” said Alberto Reggiani, Panasonic’s national marketing manager for DVD products. “The addition of HighMAT in all of our players addresses a key request of consumers who want a consistent, easy navigation experience across a broad range of consumer electronic devices including DVD players, CD players and car stereos.”

The new Panasonic DVD decks feature Advanced Progressive Scan, resulting in an extended frequency response, reduction of background noise and enhancement of depth. The higher-density video signal brings a film-like quality to DVD images, extraordinarily close to the way they originally appeared in the cinema, with rich detail, incredible depth of field, and precise color reproduction. The high resolution picture is also free of motion artifacts.  With the rising popularity of high definition televisions and their ability to accept and reproduce a progressively scanned DVD picture, Panasonic’s progressive scan players are positioned to take full advantage of this growing format.

Every 2004 DVD player features Microsoft® Windows Media™ Audio (WMA) and JPEG playback. The DVD-S27 includes a one-touch AV enhancer for optimum picture and sound quality. DVD-F87, the step-up DVD changer, features an enhanced access speed from disc to disc ¾ from the conventional 14 seconds to an improved 10 seconds.

Panasonic’s top of the line single-disc player, the DVD-S97, adds an HDMI connection, providing high quality, uncompressed digital audio/video signal transmission. This avoids complicated and troublesome connection of components.  Panasonic’s single-disc DVD player model DVD-S97 and the 5-disc-changer model DVD-F87 add DVD-Audio playback, bringing 6 channels of incredibly powerful and realistic surround sound to living rooms everywhere, while the single-disc player DVD-S47 and the DVD-F86 changer add two-channel DVD-Audio to the mix.

Other audio and video enhancement features found throughout the line include:

–   Bass Plus:  Delivers enhanced bass sound when an optional subwoofer is connected to the DVD player, resulting in clear, powerful bass tones.

–   Cinema Mode:  Diminishes glare and improves the visibility of details in dark scenes by automatically adjusting picture contrast.

–   Depth Enhancer:  Reduces background noise in a video image.

–   Dialogue Enhancer:  Boosts the volume of the center channel, from which most of the principal dialogue emanates, when playing a movie featuring Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

–   Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan: Enables fast-forward/reverse at up to 200 times normal speed, offering a quick way to access desired scenes.

–  Optical Digital Output for DTS® & Dolby Digital® Surround Sound.