C-SPAN And C-SPAN2 Comes To Your Phone

MobiTV, developed and operated by Idetic, Inc., delivers live television for mobile phones, providing viewers with a range of news, sports and entertainment channels in real-time. C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 feature unedited, commercial-free event coverage from Washington, D.C. and around the country, including Pentagon briefings, presidential news conferences as well as congressional floor action when the House of Representatives and United States Senate are in session. During this election cycle, MobiTV subscribers can also look to the C-SPAN networks to help keep up with the latest events in the presidential campaign.

“Providing C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 to mobile phone users is an important step for us to make our services available across new technologies. We are confident that MobiTV subscribers will find the C-SPAN networks a valuable addition to the viewing choices available,” said Rob Kennedy, Executive Vice President and COO of C-SPAN. “We salute MobiTV for recognizing the importance of providing this content nationwide.”

Phillip Alvelda, Idetic CEO and Chairman, added, “We are happy to be broadcasting our country’s political discussions, debate and discourse in real-time to our mobile phone audience members. When we first conceived of MobiTV, this was one of the types of information that we knew we would want to provide. We expect politicians and others in the business of government as well as people who just want to know what’s happening in our political process to very quickly discover the convenience and value of receiving MobiTV on their cell phones. It truly will help them stay ‘in the know’ wherever they are.”