Vodafone Selects QSound Labs’ For Phones

As real-time 3D audio has become a required feature in future Vodafone VFX-compliant handsets, the agreement signals clear momentum for QSound Labs’ microQ technology – already adopted by numerousleading companies in the mobile device market.

“Our selection of QSound Labs’ microQ 3D audio solution for Vodafone VFX reference implementation, allows Vodafone to facilitate the most cutting-edge capabilities in advanced 3D audio,” noted Maria Aguilera, Vodafone Global Product Manager. “With Vodafone VFX-compliant handsets of the future, it will be necessary to incorporate 3D audio – and QSound’s microQ is our technology option of choice for the Vodafone VFX Reference Implementation.”

Vodafone VFX aims to create a comprehensive Java technology platform for the development of highly portable, highly interactive and visually rich applications for mobile devices offered by Vodafone. Vodafone VFX improves the compatibility, interoperability and completeness of the J2ME technology platform for mobile phones, and raises the bar of functionality for mass-market mobile devices. Devices that implement the Vodafone specification will benefit from a broad range of compatible applications.

“Vodafone is at leading edge of the mobile industry and its selection of QSound Labs’ 3D audio technology represents definitive proof that microQ is a superior solution,” stated David Gallagher, president and CEO of QSound Labs. “Our agreement with Vodafone ensures the proliferation of microQ technology in a broad range of mobile devices based on Vodafone VFX.”