Zooey Deschanel to join Spider-Man reboot

zooey-deschanel-profileMarc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot may get a bit of Summer. There are rumors that Zooey Deschanel may join the superhero flick as Elizabeth “Betty” Brant. Brant is a member of the Daily Bugle staff work who works under Jonah Jameson, the editor-in-chief. In the comics, Betty Brant plays a small role, but Webb could change that for the movie.

“Betty was a minor character in the previous Spidey movies but Marc has big plans for her,” a source told Showbiz Spy. “He wants a strong performer to carry the role and Zooey fits the bill perfectly. The role is hers if she wants it.”

Deschanel and Webb are not strangers. The two worked together on the director’s last film, 500 Days of Summer. Like many of her roles, Deschanel played a wispy, free-spirited woman who falls in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Elizabeth Banks played Brant in the first three Spider-Man movies, but her role was limited to a couple lines behind a desk.

Webb’s Spider-Man will restart the movie series, pretending that none of the previous three films ever happened. Rhys Ifans is set to play the villain of the film, The Lizard, and Emma Stone has been confirmed as Gwen Stacey, a love interest for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). Oddly, we do not know who will play Peter’s main love interest, Mary Jane Watson, or if she has a role in the film at all.