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Join the after-party with our 'Super Mario Party' unlockables guide

Unlock hidden characters and an exciting new mode called Challenge Road with our Super Mario Party guide. You'll be surprised at how simple it is to uncover all the little secrets this Nintendo party game has stowed away.

‘Super Mario Party’ delights, frustrates, and leaves the party early

In many ways, Super Mario Party is a return from less-than-stellar entries in the long-running series. There's more strategy this time around, and it boasts an impressive collection of minigames. It's not always a party though.

The hottest Nintendo Switch games you can get right now

The Nintendo Switch's lineup started off small, but games have steadily released as the console continues through its second year. Here are the best Nintendo Switch games available now, from Super Mario Odyssey to Fortnite.

Nintendo could Switch things up with an updated console in 2019

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning to release a new Nintendo Switch console in 2019. The updated model could receive display improvements that increase battery life.

Get Nindie with it and check out these awesome indie games for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch's portability makes indies feel at home on the platform. Luckily, there are plenty of great titles to choose from. Here are our picks for the best Nintendo Switch indie games.

The best Nintendo Switch deals and bundles for October 2018

Looking to score Nintendo's latest hybrid console? We've smoked out the best Nintendo Switch deals right here, including some discounts on stand-alone consoles as well as a few bundles that feature games like Fortnite.

This affordable headset is designed to ‘mimic’ VR for the Nintendo Switch

An upcoming headset for Nintendo Switch will try to add a bit of depth to your gaming experience. NS Glasses modify the pixels and colors on screen to give off the illusion of 3D. NS Glasses will be up for pre-order soon for $50.
Virtual Reality

The Oculus Quest’s competitor isn’t Rift or Vive. It’s the Nintendo Switch

While Oculus is optimistic that its standalone Quest VR headset will deliver a quality experience, the headset was designed on a mobile chipset. That means its less of a Rift replacement and more like the VR equivalent of Nintendo’s…

Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation 4: Which console should you buy?

The Nintendo Switch is here, and while you might be tempted to go purchase the new console, you should also consider the PlayStation 4. Sony's console offers several similar features for almost the same price.

Best family-friendly games both parents and kids love

There are a wealth of great games out there that both parents and kids can enjoy together. We compiled a list of 30 games across all genres that are sure to make family game night a great time.

Nintendo announces new Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy ports, and more

Major announcements were made today during the previously postponed Nintendo Direct that included a new Luigi's Mansion game, a new Animal Crossing game, and more details on Nintendo's upcoming Online Membership.

Cloud saves will not be supported on all Switch titles

In a bit of disappointing news, Nintendo has confirmed that a handful of first- and third-party titles will not be taking advantage of the cloud save features that come with a paid subscription to Nintendo's online service.

It’s not just for gaming: InkyPen app brings comic books to the Nintendo Switch

A new app, InkyPen, is bringing comic books and manga to the Nintendo Switch. Launching later this fall, the app will offer readers thousands of comics from several indie publishers. Marvel and DC will not be included.

How to set up the Nintendo Switch

From mobile gaming device to home console, the Nintendo Switch's versatility can be both wonderfully convenient and confusing. We break down how to set it up for the first time so you can get the best of both worlds.

‘Saints Row: The Third’ gets a surprising port to the Nintendo Switch

Deep Silver announces that it's bringing the third Saints Row game to a Nintendo console next year. They also allude to more information following this news this week at Gamescom 2018.

How to connect a Nintendo Switch controller to your PC

Nintendo's Switch controllers, including the Joy-Cons and the aptly titled Pro Controller, use Bluetooth, which makes them compatible with your PC. Here's how to start using them for PC gaming.

8 Nintendo Switch tips and tricks to get the most out of your hybrid console

Have a new Nintendo Switch? Awesome! It's a great console from the moment you turn it on, but owners can make it even better by exercising a few simple tips and tricks. Here's what every Switch owner should know.

Fortnite’s latest update adds a beastly shotgun and sweetens the game on Switch

Fortnite's latest patch update adds a double barrel shotgun, optimizations for Switch, and a new game mode with an unpredictable storm that'll surely kill players caught unawares.