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Matrox intros Millennium P-Series cards

Using the new Parhelia-LX chip, derived from Matrox Parhelia technology, the Millennium P650 and the Millennium P750 boards bring maximum productivity gains and real cost savings through the mostadvanced multi- display support in the industry.

“With a distinctive feature-set designed to provide real-world benefits, the Millennium P-Series is optimized to bring an enormous productivity boost to corporate users,” says Lorne Trottier,president, Matrox Graphics Inc. “These boards are also an ideal, cost effective productivity tool for non-linear editing (NLE), AEC and entry-level MCAD and bring professional level graphicssolutions to home computing.”

Supporting the higher bandwidth AGP 8X interface, the Millennium P-Series graphics boards are the ultimate extension to the current Matrox G-Series product line, featuring dual independent DVIoutputs at up to 1600 x 1200 resolutions, fully-symmetric dual-RGB outputs at up to 1920 x 1440 resolution, along with Matrox’s exclusive TripleHead and Dual-display plus TV output functionality. TheMillennium P-Series is also equipped with twin 400 MHz 10-bit gamma correctable UltraSharp RAMDACs, for crystal clear image quality, along with Glyph Antialiasing technology for crisper more readableonscreen text and reduced eyestrain.

“With superior multi-display features including dual-DVI support, the Millennium P-Series is perfectly timed with the growing demand for multi-display solutions along with the soaring popularity offlat-panel displays,” says Dan Wood, vice president technical marketing, Matrox Graphics Inc.

According to DisplaySearch, the leader in flat panel display market research, LCD shipments rose 105 per cent in 2002 to 32.2 million units¹. The compact design of flat panels provides over 80 percent savings in desk space compared to CRTs, which means that a Windows® desktop run on dual or triple panels will actually take up less real desktop space than a single CRT monitor. Multi-displayconfigurations offer a significant and tangible productivity boost compared to using a single display for the same task by providing users with increased Windows desktop space. Microsoft® researchestimates that using a multi-display configuration for standard office tasks can result in a 20 to 50 per cent productivity gain².

“In the past, multi-display flat panel configurations were used almost exclusively by financial traders, graphic designers and video editors,” says Kaz Kajikawa, Eizo Nanao Technologies’ ProductManager. “Today, with the drop in flat panel prices and the rising need to improve productivity, multi-display technology is increasingly being used in mainstream applications for businesses and inthe home.”

“Consumers are increasingly turning to multi-panel configurations for a sleek, extended desktop,” says Todd Fender, product manager, NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America. “Boasting a widevariety of display outputs, including dual-DVI, the Millennium P-Series graphics cards offer NEC flat panel customers versatility and a productivity-enhancing feature-set.”

Millennium P-Series target markets
While both Millennium P650 and Millennium P750 support 64 MB of memory and the industry’s most advanced DualHead® capabilities including dual-DVI, the Millennium P750 adds unique TripleHead,Dual-display plus TV output support and enhanced performance, making it the most feature-rich graphics solution in its category.

Designed to cater to the ever-growing need for productivity and reliability in the corporate market, the Millennium P-Series provides a high return on investment with superior DualHead capabilities,combined with no-compromise stability through rock-solid drivers and Matrox renowned image quality. Corporate users will also benefit from the Millennium P650’s fanless cooling design for increasedreliability and reduced noise.

The Millennium P-Series’ multi-display abilities with unique support for dual independent hardware overlays and TripleHead add considerable value to hardware NLE workstation users by enabling them tosimultaneously view a multitude of application and or video windows, toolbars, timelines and effects control menus. Prosumer software NLE users can take advantage of the Dual-display plus TV outputfeature, which allows users to preview projects on a video monitor while maintaining a productive dual-display desktop.

AEC and entry-level MCAD workstation professionals will also benefit from the Millennium P-Series’ productivity-enhancing capabilities and reliability, along with the PrecisionCAD driver, plug-insand collaboration tools from Tornado Technologies and certifications for Bentley MicroStation®, Autodesk AutoCAD® 2002-based products, Autodesk Inventor® and SolidWorks SolidWorks®.

The Millennium P-Series brings home users and multi-media enthusiasts an affordably priced professional level graphics solution for increased productivity in home computing. Home users can takeadvantage of Millennium P-Series’ multi-display capabilities for web browsing, playing back DVDs and web-video full-screen to a TV, or playing games across three displays. Digital photographyenthusiasts can utilize the Millennium P-Series’ multi-display features for easily manipulating and editing digital photos.

Pricing and availability
The Millennium P650 will sell for ESP $169 US and the Millennium P750 will sell for ESP $235 US. Both cards in the Matrox Millennium P-Series will be available CQ2 2003 from various resellers anddirectly from Matrox at: http://shopmatrox.com/