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Energy Introduces Act6 Speaker System

The five satellite enclosure are constructed out of aluminum housing, which still being functional and stylish. They have been designed to match the most current plasma, LCD, DLP projection andwidescreen video sources.

The act6 has a versatile mounting system. For example, if the speakers are mounted upside-down, the logo’s are reversible due to their magnetic mounting system. The act6 has a downward firing, 80watt powered 8″ subwoofer, designed to handle both home theater and music reproduction, and has a frequency response from 30Hz to 22KHz.

Energy is also packaging individual satellite speakers, called the act1, which would allow customers to upgrade to a 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound system.

The act6 and act1 are available in silver with gray grills and are currently shipping. The US retail price of the act6 speaker system is $800 and $120 for each act1 satellite speaker.