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JVC DLA-HX1D* D-ILA home theater projector

The DLA-HX1D is based on proprietary high-resolution D-ILA devices, a new optical engine and JVC’s DIST (Digital Image Scaling Technology) high-quality imaging technology to deliver natural,film-like pictures.

JVC has a track record in professional and industrial D-ILA projectors. The DLA-HX1D optimizes this technology for high-resolution, high-definition home theater usage.

Product name

Model name

Suggested retail price (exclusive of tax)


D-ILA home theater projector


1,200,000 yen

End of October 2003

<Main Features>

1. Proprietary D-ILA devices and DIST technology deliver natural, film-like pictures

When used in projection systems, D-ILA devices create smooth pictures without visible grids on large screens. They also faithfully render fine details of color in analog gradations. In addition, the DLA-HX1D comes with DIST, JVC’s new generation of digital imaging technology that substantially improves the “jaggies” that are problematic in other pixel display devices. The result is a natural, film-like picture and quality on par with commercial cinemas.

2. Approximately 1.1 million pixels (1400 x 788) high-resolution projection

The DLA-HX1D has a 0.7-inch diagonal D-ILA device with approximately 1.1 million effective pixels (1400 x 788) for extremely high-resolution pictures. The unit projects DVD images, BS digital broadcasting and other high-definition sources with stunning detail.

3. Newly developed optical engine to maximize the performance of the D-ILA device

The newly developed optical engine and the 250W ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp features take full advantage of the performance of D-ILA devices. It is also substantially more compact than previous D-ILA projectors (an approximately 75% space savings on the projection head compared to JVC’s “DLA-G150CL”).

4. 10 bit digital gamma correction for natural gradation

The DLA-HX1D uses 10bit digital gamma correction to achieve faithful color reproduction and superb gradation. Subtle differences between light and dark are reproduced faithfully to give images a film-like naturalness.

Development concepts

At the end of this year, BS digital broadcasting will be joined by terrestrial digital broadcasting and this, combined with the spread of the DVD, has improved the availability of high-definition sources and raised the demand for precision home theater projectors to display high quality digital content with “cinema-like” excitement in the home.

JVC responded to these needs by designing and developing the DLA-HX1D, a D-ILA home theater projector system that optimizes the technology in professional and industrial projectors for the high-resolution, high-performance home market. The unit comes with three high-definition D-ILA devices with approximately 1.1 million effective pixels (1400 x 788). It also uses JVC’s proprietary DIST technology to create a home projector with the natural, film-like resolution which is a characteristic of D-ILA.

In the past, most of JVC’s D-ILA projectors were geared to the professional and industrial markets and their natural, film-like pictures have been well received by the cinema, entertainment and event industries. D-ILA is now the projection technology of choice for a large number of halls and event spaces and there have recently been a large number of requests for JVC to bring D-ILA projectors to the home. This is what inspired the company to develop its first home model. DLA-HX1D is the first model of the D-ILA projector for the home, and we will enhance a lineup of projectors for the home from now on.

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