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More Luxury Hotels Check In Flat-panel TVs

Hotels across the country — from Los Angeles’ Four Seasons to Caesars Pocono Resorts in Pennsylvania, where couples will be able to gawk at a 35-inch flat-panel TV while cavorting in a bathtub shaped like a champagne glass — are adding them.

Demand by hotels for the big TVs is heating up, says K.C. Kavanagh, spokeswoman for Starwood Hotels, owner of the Westin, Sheraton, W and St. Regis brands. ”Where once it was a novelty, now it’s becoming more of a priority.”

About 12% of all U.S. hotels have installed high-definition television sets, which include many flat-panel units, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association. And many hotels are going with big flat panels without high-definition capability.

Helping to drive demand: Generation X — younger travelers, ages 24 to 39, who not only want a clearer TV picture but a more stylish presentation, hotel consultant Doug Shifflet says.

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Source: USA Today