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New Advanced Digital Set Top Box Announced

First Capital International,Inc. the Designer and Manufacturer of its prepackaged VIP Systems (www.VipHomeSystems.com), a state-of-the-art Home Automation/Media Distribution and Video observation system, announced today that VIP Systems will introduce to the market a new, all-in-one set-top entertainment box in June of this year.

The company has produced several prototypes and has successfully tested it through the Company’s worldwide network of dealers. Additionally, the company had a successful test through the Consumer Focus Group of one of the Fortune 100 companies.

“These testing results clearly indicate that we have a superior product, the right market approach and positive consumer acceptance of this product,” said Alex Genin, CEO and President of VIP Systems, Inc.

This new device is extremely capable of becoming a true digital living center in the home of the future. This system’s media capabilities include: a surround-sound system, MP3 player, juke box/DVD/CD player, private video recording with a video library for up to 40 movies, a game console, Web browsing with e-mail capabilities, digital picture storage, home automation controls and optional video surveillance. Thus making this entertainment system a truly digital, all-in-one Box system in the home.

Recently, the company unveiled a variety of new products through international Shows in Moscow, as well as, it exhibited its VIP Systems product line and technology at the CeBIT Exhibition in Germany a few weeks ago as a member of the United States Department of
Commerce Exhibitor’s Pavilion.

Additionally, the company reported a pilot project contract for Murmansk Trawl Fleet Company — one of the largest fishing fleet companies in Russia. Further, the company is also reporting that it has new dealerships in Canada, Russia and Kazakhstan under  contract, as well as, several major video surveillance project bids under consideration.VIP Systems Unveils A New, Advanced, Digital Set-Top Box