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RCA Introduces New LCD HDTV Monitors

The uniquely designed, versatile LCD models produce vibrant pictures and also serve as high-resolution displays for a wide variety of components, including standard and progressive scan DVD players,HDTV over-the-air digital tuner/decoders, HD cable decoders, HD satellite receivers and gaming systems.

The flat-screen monitors in 30-inch, 27-inch and 26-inch screen sizes, feature three discrete inputs – DVI-HDCP, Component Video YPrPb, and RGB – all capable of accepting a high-definition signal. All three models incorporate an integrated analog NTSC tuner to display over-the-air TV and cable programs, VGA port for connection to a laptop or desktop computer, “picture-in-PC” capability that provides a second window to view video when connected to a PC, and bi-sonic stereo speakers located on each side of the screen. The displays also feature a swift response time to create a sharper, smoother image and incorporate a series of adjustable features, including brightness, contrast, backlighting and color temperature to enhance the viewing experience in any lighting condition.

The elegant black satin styling is ideal for the living room or any home environment. The thin screen with quarter-inch panel frame and unique back panel step design combine to give the displays a much thinner appearance than other LCD models.

“Consumers remain enamored with the sleek, thin designs afforded by LCD displays and the new line up of RCA and RCA Scenium LCD models combine outstanding convenience and picture performance in an attractive design,” said Michael D. O’Hara, Executive Vice President of Thomson’s Consumer Solutions businesses. “Thomson is capitalizing on its many years of digital processing technology expertise to bring exceptional picture quality to our LCD displays. We remain committed to offering a wide range of choices for the reception of high-definition television and these new LCD models complement the full line of RCA and RCA Scenium HDTV products.”

Two of the displays, RCA Scenium Model LCDX3022W (30-inch) and RCA Scenium Model LCDX2722W (27-inch), are the first LCD sets on the market to feature SRS TruSurround XT