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BroadVoice Offers First WiSIP VoIP Phone

The WiSIP Mobile IP Phone from Pulver Innovations is now available through BroadVoice. This next generation intelligent IP Communications device adds SIP based VoIP communications over a WiFi network. Considering this is the first WiSIP phone to hit the market, we can expect a monthly service fee until other companies release similar products. A similar service is offered free through FreeWorld Dialup, however obtaining one of these WiSIP handsets is not likely to happen without a BroadVoice service plan.

In the meantime, BroadVoice is asking $9.95 a month for unlimited In-State calls, and $19.95 a month for unlimited USA calls after purchasing the phone for $149.95. BroadView mentions that the new Pulver WiSIP Mobile IP Phone has been optimized for the BroadVoice service which could mean it is locked to their network.

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