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Social acceptance of e-cigarettes is on the rise, and that may be a problem

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes has now been vastly attributed to the "cool factor" that comes along with seeing friends and families taking a drag from one of these battery powered devices.

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Stellight lets you customize your bike light patterns

Stellight is one wolverine-tough bike light that might be made of better material than your bike. Via a dedicated app, you can program its six LEDs individually to make unique patterns, share them, and download more from Stellight Web.

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This brilliant bike attachment pulls moisture from the air and refills your water bottle as you ride

Water is a must-have on hot humid biking trips. Carry a ton if you're going off the beaten path because when you run out, that's it. Or wait for a Fontus, a self-filling water condenser bottle that pulls moisture from the air and turns it into water.

Cool Tech

E-bikes, the not-so-sweaty alternative

E-bikes are huge in Europe, and they're getting bigger in the U.S. -- to match the traffic jams. They're not just for delivery guys anymore. E-bikes can be real luxury rides that let you charge your phone, and lock via Bluetooth.

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Nintendo working on a sleep-monitoring gadget that sits by your bed

Nintendo has said it wants to get beyond the video game market, but what will that look like? A bedside sleep-tracking device, according to new patent applications that have come to light.

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No sweat: Pedaling around Portland with an electric bike from Bosch

We took Bosch’s high-end ebike system for a ride last week, and after whipping it around downtown Portland for a couple hours, we’re not sure we can go back to regular bikes…

  • Pros: Incredibly smooth assist , Intuitive controls…
  • Cons: Expensive , Only fits on certain bikes

The NFL and GE are giving away $3 million to help fund concussion research

The NFL is teaming up with GE to give away a total of $3 million to six different studies or organizations doing research on identifying concussions and working toward recovery, including BrainScope and a number of universities.

Cool Tech

Hot car deaths can be prevented with this new Evenflo car seat, a Walmart exclusive

This week, Walmart and Evenflo announced a new partnership that will yield a $149 carseat (sold exclusively at Walmart) that will set off an alarm any and every time a baby is strapped in the seat while the car ignition is off.

Cool Tech

DNA origami allows for 3D-printed DNA bunnies to deliver medication

Scientists are now finding that they can fold DNA into very particular shapes by way of a 3D printing method that would help get medication to the right place without breaking down in transit within the body

Cool Tech

Bulletproof Coffee, the company behind buttered coffee, just raised $9 million

Apparently, putting butter in your coffee is a million dollar idea. Actually, a multi-million dollar idea -- Bulletproof Coffee has just raised $9 million to help more Americans put butter in more of what they eat, and in this case, drink.

Health & Fitness

Prepare, compare, improve: Garmin's Edge 1000 is a data junkie's dream

Whether you’re riding to improve your own personal best or see where you stand against the pros, Garmin’s Edge 1000 bike computer lets you connect, compare, and compete.

  • Pros: Data, data, data! , Compact and lightweight , Wi-Fi, Ant+…
  • Cons: Lackluster display, compared to most modern phones , Riding…

Shorten your doctor visit to 90 seconds with Bright.md

The virtual physician's assistant known as Bright.md wants to shorten your time at the doctor's to 90 seconds, and they've just raised $3.5 million to help turn your dream into a reality.

Health & Fitness

Box smarter with this smart-boxing gear, as seen on TV

Smart boxing gear has been comparatively slow to take off. It's available to the pros, but hasn't really trickled down to the amateur rings and gyms. Broadcasters used the tech at high profile matches, and new gear by MM8 and StrikeTec will be available soon.

Health & Fitness

The world’s first bionic eye implant is a success

The world's first bionic eye implant (using the Argus II) has been successfully performed on an 80-year-old British man suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The operation corrected the long-ailing vision of Ray Flynn.

Cool Tech

Amy Poehler signed on to play the first female NBA coach in new comedy

Amy Poehler is set to play an NBA coach in an upcoming sports comedy written by Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen. As the first female coach in the league, she'll reportedly join an organization that's less than thrilled to have her.

The Mother hub now sounds like running water when you need to take a drink

How much water did you drink today? It's not always easy to keep track of the ounces on your Nalgene bottle, so Sen.se created an app that uses its Mother Motion Cookies to keep tabs on your hydration.


How to buy an Apple Watch: Sales in Russia, New Zealand, and Turkey from July 31

The Apple Watch is Apple's latest, and perhaps most controversial, piece of mobile hardware yet. Here's everything you need to know about how and where to buy one.


Could your smartphone be able to tell whether you’re at risk for depression?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, your phone may be more accurate than a self-assessment in determining whether or not you suffer from depression.


Make any dumb heavy bag smart with the Impact Wrap

It's impractical to take a heavy bag from gym to gym, but Impact Wrap can to smarten up average bags. Resembling a canvas pillowcase made for punching, it reads impacts without the hassle or limitations of smart gloves.

Health & Fitness

Forget video games and tech in general, adult coloring books are the latest way to relax

We're surrounded by screens of all sizes, and all kinds of wonderful tech to keep us entertained, but many people are turning to the simple pleasures of adult coloring books to help relax. It's becoming a considerable phenomenon.

Social Media

These Xiaomi developed smart sneakers cost less than $65

Xiaomi may be best known for its cool smartphones, but its latest product is a pair of smart sneakers produced with Chinese sports brand Li Ning. The Bluetooth sensor in the heel connects with Xiaomi's Mi Fit app.


The ReWalk 6.0 robotic exoskeleton aims to make wheelchairs a thing of the past

ReWalk Robotics, which produces wearable exoskeletons for people who've lost the use of their legs, has just pulled the curtain back on version 6.0 of its robotically-assisted walking system -- and it's smaller, lighter, and faster than ever before.

Cool Tech

Stay away from the light! These glasses block blue light from your phone for better sleep

Exposure to blue light emitted by a smartphone screen right before bed ruins your sleep patterns. One solution that doesn't involve putting down your phone before bed, is to wear these special Jins Screen glasses, that won't make you look ridiculous.


Save a load of cash with our one-click guide to the best Amazon Prime Day deals

Good deals are easy to come by, but finding great deals is a different story. Here are our favorite deals highlighting Amazon Prime Day, from cameras to high-res audio players.

Farm to table is easy with the Cick & Grow Smart Farm in your kitchen

Smart farms will change the way we consume produce. New products from Click & Grow aim to bring fruits and vegetables to us faster and using less water. The company's Smart Mini Farm has just found a new investor.


Why I hate Amazon Prime Day with a passion

Hooray, it's Amazon's Prime Day! Deals, excitement, and more are promised from the online retailer, and the world can't wait. Except behind all this, Prime Day has a more insidious purpose, and people are in danger of forgetting it.