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South Korean baseball team installs robots to replace absent fans

If you're a fan of the Hanwah Eagles, then you can cheer your team on from anywhere. The Eagles' stadium has been kitted out with robot supporters that can beam your messages to the players.

Cool Tech

Walk this way: These ‘smart shoes’ vibrate to point you in the right direction

An Indian startup has created a pair of Bluetooth-enabled smart shoes and smart insoles called Lechal that can track your position, give you directions via vibrations, and track your activity levels.


This fitness wristband is cheaper than a large Dominos pizza

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced its first fitness tracking gadget. It's called the Mi Band, and while it may not have a screen or a heart rate monitor, it'll cost the equivalent of $13.


The Tour de France allows GoPros now, and the footage is as insane as you think

Tour de France participants were allowed to strap action cams to their bikes this year. Get ready for some glorious live-action video.


The 6 best fantasy football websites compared

Looking to join the phenomenon that is fantasy football? Hoping to expand your fantasy football domination to a new website? Here is a roundup of some of the best sites to try out.


How to watch a 2014 British Open live stream online

Check out our guide on how to follow the British Open online, whether you prefer to watch live video, or skim through the highlights.


You’ll be able to stream NFL Sunday Ticket to your Mac or PC without getting DirecTV

All over the country, NFL addicts should jump for joy, because you may be able to stream NFL Sunday Ticket to your Mac or PC without having to get DirecTV.


FitStar adds yoga workouts with superstar guru Tara Stiles

Popular fitness app FitStar announces the addition of its new yoga curriculum, led by popular yoga guru, Tara Stiles. The workouts grow and adapt to suit your needs, making it easier to get started.


How to watch a 2014 MLB All Star Game live stream online

This year's MLB All Star Game will be played tonight. Here's how you can watch a live stream for free.


How to watch a 2014 MLB Home Run Derby live stream online for free

Check out our guide on how to watch this year's Home Run Derby online. With this walk-through, you won't miss a second of tonight's slugfest.


LG Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker review

LG gets in on the fitness game with the Lifeband Touch, an activity tracker similar to Nike’s FuelBand that tracks steps, controls your music, and even sends notifications from…

  • Pros: LG Fitness App, Display turns on with flip of the wrist…
  • Cons: Display unreadable in direct sunlight, Vibration alarm is…

How to watch the Germany vs. Argentina 2014 World Cup final online

Just stick with this guide, and you won't miss a second of Germany vs. Argentina World Cup action.


The new Adidas Fit Smart is a FuelBand for the seriously sporty

Adidas has announced a fitness wrist band called the miCoach Fit Smart, and although it looks a little like the Nike FuelBand, it's aimed at the more serious athlete. It has a heart rate monitor and a workout intensity meter.


With heart monitoring and no cords, FreeWavz might be the ultimate fitness ‘phones

Just because Apple's forthcoming heart rate monitoring ear buds were a hoax, doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea. A new Kickstarter project, FreeWavz, offer a host of biofeedback features, fully wireless connection, environmental awareness, and more.

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