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iOS 9 News: The new iOS will bring Force Touch, split-screen apps, and more

Apple's next major iOS release packs a bevy of improvements. It'll notably introduce Maps improvements, Apple Music, Force Touch, support for larger iPads and better optimization than previous iOS releases.


When home is far from the range, the Optishot2 puts the range in your home

The Optishot 2 touts itself as a leader for in-home golfing at a budget price. But does the device live up its billing as an accurate golf simulator?

  • Pros: Excellent for shot shaping and iron conditioning , Wide…
  • Cons: Technical limitations mask mistakes in your swing , Short…

Vi-Band hands-free head massager means no need for a girlfriend

Why should we have to rub our own temples in this day and age? We don't. There's a group of engineers -- actually a team of rocket scientists with a serious sense of humor -- that came together and invented the Vi-Band head massager.

Ocumetics Bionic Lens implant promises eyesight that’s better than 20/20

20/20 vision may be the golden standard today, but the introduction of ahe Ocumetics Bionic Lens takes correcting vision to a whole new level, promising eyesight that is up to three times better than 20/20.

Cool Tech

Weav allows artists to alter their music to follow your body’s rhythm

With Weav, a music engine produced by Google Maps co-creator Lars Rasmussen, the tempo of your soundtrack could fluctuate with your heart rate. Fundamental to the project is giving artists control of what happens when the tempo is changed in Weav.


How’s your swing? New multi-sport motion sensors focus on performance, not biometric data

PIQ could be the new name for sports sensors. They've received their Series-A funding and have plans to release them to the public later this year. The firm focuses on sensors that provide users with performance metrics.


Up to 1.1 million customers affected by CareFirst data breach

CareFirst of the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance family announced Wednesday that up to 1.1 million individuals, but current and former plan holders, may have been affected by the security breakthrough.


Warning: Epic bike stunts; do not try at home

These are stunts that will make you ooh and ahh while feelings of envy and awe make your feet itch for the pedals. Unless you're made of money, don't put your racer or wooden-frame fixed gear with a belt drive through this trauma.

The Pulse Play smart wristband stops tennis cheaters, uploads your score to the cloud

Brought to us by sFBI and Andy Ram, the Pulse Play wristband puts an end to debates over the scoring of tennis and other racket sports. The Pulse Play device also provides a community where you can check your stats against a worldwide database.

Gamers are being targeted by energy drink companies

Despite the controversy that has plagued the high-sugar, high-caffeine beverages, the energy drink industry hasn't backed down, but simply shifted gears in terms of its branding and marketing strategy. It's target demographic? Gamers.


First Apple Watch software update improves third-party apps, fitness tracking, and more

The first Apple Watch software update is now available to download. The update brings improvements to third-party app performance, fitness tracking, and more. Here's everything you need to know and how to update your Watch.


Intel’s Basis Peak gets classy with a brand-new titanium case and leather straps

The Basis Peak looks like a smartwatch, but acts like a fitness tracker. The Peak can monitor your heart rate, sleep, activity, and overall wellness. In 2015, the company added a flashier titanium model to the range.


Apple Watch may help find your watch, track your sleep, and monitor your blood sugar

According to rumors, Apple will soon update the Apple Watch with a "Find My Watch" feature, sleep tracking, glucose monitoring, and more. Some functionality may be reserved for the second-generation model, though.


WellBe bracelet aims to maintain your well-being, obviously

Stress can wear you down. Crystals have traditionally been the calmness-wearable of choice by providing passive stress reduction, but what people are into these days is tech-filled wrist-wear. Cue the WellBe, a bracelet that monitors your stress and helps you…

Zepp wants to help bring out the tennis star in all of us with its $150 Tennis 2.0 sensor

Zepp is trying to help the tennis star in all of us with the Tennis 2.0 sensor and app, which will measure a wide variety of related data in order to help you improve your tennis skills. The sensor is now available for purchase, while the app is now available…

Minneapolis is the most bikeable city in the US, according to the Redfin Company.

Redfin Company looked across 10,000 neighborhoods and 154 cities in the US to determine which cities were the most bike-friendly using factors like hills, bike lanes, and road connectivity, and Minneapolis led the way.

Health & Fitness

Vector mouthguard not just for pros anymore

Gone are the days of thin leather helmets, but styrofoam isn't enough. Parents with children pursuing the pigskin should say a big thanks to Jesse Harper, CEO of i1 Biometrics, for making the Impact Intelligence System available to the public.

Embrace the ride with 7 essential bike apps for nav, repair, tracking and more

The fitness apps that work best with your bike, in addition to some handy apps that will get you out on the road. Strava and MapMyRide aren't everything. Not just your mother's cyclocomputers.

Inflate your balls and your bike tires with this refillable canister

You should work up a sweat while biking, not while pumping up your tires. With RideAir, you can carry several tires worth of air in a refillable tank that fits right in your bottle cage. It holds more than enough to fill a few tires, and it'll work on other…

Sony’s tennis sensor tells you how much you suck (or rock) at tennis with data

Sony announced the Smart Tennis Sensor, a cute little thing that goes on your tennis racket. This allows tennis players to measure their skills, such as ball spin and swing speed. The sensor is currently available for purchase.


Most of us think ‘smart’ stuff is stupid — can this gizmo help?

With the proliferation of fitness devices, apps, and smartwear, you would think everyone with a phone and a pair of gym shorts would be a pro trainer by now. But no. 69 percent of Americans have never owned a personal fitness tracker. Of those who have, 41…

Jeb Bush wants to repeal Obamacare, replace with Apple Watch

Jeb Bush was speaking in Arizona this week when he began to explain why he wants to repeal Obamacare. Bush stated that wearables like the Apple Watch may one day act as our doctors.


Google Fit will now let you know how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day

Google Fit got a major update, and the app can now count calories, track distance travelled, and sync with third-party apps. It's a huge update that extends from Android phones to Android Wear.


This ingenious device makes it impossible to slouch in your office chair

Instead of using wearable sensors to pester you throughout the day, BetterBack uses a set of simple, adjustable straps to keep your spine from bending into an arc while you are sitting.

Cool Tech

Trace sport tracker can document your surfing and snowboarding escapades from every angle

Trace is a better sport tracker than your phone could ever be. Use your phone for phone calls and music, use Trace's nine-axis internal sensors to track all the crazy surfing (or snowboarding or skiing) stunts other apps can't fathom.

Best stuff to bring to the beach 2015

Soon it'll be scalding hot and the best place to escape the heat is the beach. These days there's plenty of tech to keep you from feeling like you've trekked into the wilderness to reach your sandy shore, even if you have.

EbikeMotion introduces a remote for your bike

With ebikemotion's programmable controller and inclusive open app, staying connected while you're on that century ride is easier and safer, since their remote keeps your hands on the bars instead of on your computer.