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Garmin's fenix 2 is an athlete's dream, after you figure it out

Garmin’s update to its premium fitness GPS watch makes it one of the smartest watch we’ve seen -- especially if you’re into the outdoors.

  • Pros: Handsome, ruggedly clean design , Smart Notifications…
  • Cons: Steep learning curve , No smartphone control over watch…

Get your fix for pigskin play with this NFL live stream watch guide

The NFL season is well under way. Here's our guide on how to stream live football games online.


As it turns out, making wearables wearable is harder than it seems

As tech companies pack more and more sensors and features into smartwatches and fitness band, wearability sometimes goes out the window. But isn’t that the entire point?


Catch college hoops games with this NCAA live stream watch guide

Whether you're a cord-cutter, a fan of a particular school, or you want to watch on the go, our guide to watching college basketball streams gives you all the information you need to find the streams you want to watch.


Meet Microsoft Band: The terrible wearable that’s kinda awesome

The Microsoft Band packs 10 different sensors into one amazing package, but loses sight of function somewhere along the way and ends up being an unwearable wearable.

  • Pros: Continuous heart-rate monitoring , Built-in GPS is great for…
  • Cons: Band is ill-fitting, screen too big , Competition offers…

Think cyclists are slow? Watch this rocket bike do 207 mph on the track

A French company called Exotic Thermo Engineering has broken the 200-mph barrier with a rocket-powered bicycle. Using hydrogen peroxide as a fuel source, the bicycle reached its top speed after around 820 feet.


Admit it: Fitness trackers are as much about showing off as working out

You work out, and you want people to know. As the sensors inside fitness trackers get smaller and smaller, we’ll never see them disappear completely, because projecting your commitment to fitness is an important part of why we love these gadgets.


Step aside, step counters: Hexoskin measures everything from yoga to badminton

Hexoskin’s Wearable Body Metrics shirt delivers instant, detailed feedback on every workout imaginable, from aerobics to yoga and weight training.

  • Pros: Most comprehensive biometrics on market , Measures just…
  • Cons: Not as comfortable as similar products due to inconsistent…

The solution to football concussions may come from ‘a smartphone in your mouth’

The i1 Biometrics Vector MouthGuard not only protects a football player’s teeth, it uses microscopic electronics to detect impacts to his skull. And the resulting data is fundamentally changing the way the game is played.


Timex’s $400 Ironman smartwatch doesn’t need your phone, uses AT&T’s 3G network (Updated)

Timex announced its Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch earlier this year. Unusually, it doesn't need to be tethered to your phone to use a data connection. Designed for running fanatics, it's up for pre-order in November through AT&T for $400.


How to live stream NBA games online

Too tired of paying for cable or stealing your neighbor's but need that weekly basketball fix? Look no further than this list of websites for free online streaming of everything NBA.


Heart rate is cool, but that’s just the beginning of what Jawbone’s UP3 can tell you

Jawbone's latest fitness trackers have landed – the $50 UP Move is aimed primarily at curious beginners keen to see what health-focused wearables are all about, while the $180 UP3 is going for serious fitness fanatics looking for in-depth data 24/7.


Slick features, universal compatibility give the Microsoft Band a fighting chance

While other fitness bands are fighting to be the cheapest, Microsoft wants to conquer the top of the market with a band that has unique features, works with any platform, and yes, costs more.