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Finally win at fantasy football with numberFire’s new analytics app

Predictive analytics company NumberFire is launching its first app aimed at fantasy sports players. The app, available September 2 on iOS, uses proprietary technology and crowdsourcing to pick winners.


U.S. Open ball boys now wear high-tech Ralph Lauren fitness shirts

Ralph Lauren introduced its new Polo Tech shirts, which contain technology from OMsignal that measures the wearer's heart rate, breathing, and stress level.


How to watch the 2014 US Open tennis tournament online

Many of the best tennis players in the world are competing in the 2014 US Open. Here's how to catch all the action online.


Pump up your pool-time workout with these top waterproof headphones

Swimming can be one of the least enjoyable activities of all time. Waterproof ear buds can elevate the enjoyment factor of your pool time. Our picks for the best waterproof ear buds will make missing a beat a thing of the past.


Coincidence or curse? Looking back on Madden’s troubled cover athletes

Join us as we take a tour through the history of the Madden Curse. We all know John Madden is a longtime NFL talent, but is he also an agent of dark forces?


DT Giveaway: Win a Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale

We have a Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to give away. Do you want it? Do you need some app-level motivation to shed those pounds? If so, enter our contest to win.


Sony serves up price of its Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony has set the price for its Smart Tennis Sensor shown off at CES at the start of the year. It's also revealed a date for the gadget's US launch, though admittedly it's a bit on the vague side....


Misfit and MyFitnessPal team up to help you get fit

Misfit and MyFitnessPal team up together to help Shine wearers lose weight and get fit. The calorie tracking app is now fully integrated into the Misfit app for the fashionable Shine wearable.


Believe it or not, actual athletic talent won’t help you in NBA 2K15

Four all-star players from the NBA sit down to chat about life, work, and 2K's NBA 2K15. Hilariously, it turns out that none of them are any good at the game they all feature into.


How to watch 2014 NFL games streaming live online

The NFL season is fast approaching. Here's our guide on how to stream live football games online.


Keep those thieves from stealing the wheels off your Schwinn with this Nutlock

Nutlock helps prevent bicycle theft by making it more difficult for thieves to remove your wheels by using a unique key design that rejects wrenches and pliers, but allows you to remove your wheels.

Cool Tech

Goccia Fitness Tracker review

Do fitness trackers have to be chunky, ugly wristbands suitable only for burly men? No, they don’t and G-Wearables has come up with the Goccia - claimed to be the world’s…

  • Pros: Cool design , Unisex style , Tiny and lightweight…
  • Cons: Software feels unfinished , Syncing can be problematic…

SkyHook Mini brings pro-level camera movements to action cams

The SkyHook Mini is an automated camera positioning robot providing professional-looking, smooth movements with action cams and small cameras.


Manchester United bans fans from taking laptops, tablets, and maybe some smartphones to home games

Manchester United has announced that fans can't take laptops and tablets to games. They might have also unknowingly banned some smartphones from their arena too.


Toshiba launches a colorful fitness band in Japan

Toshiba introduced a wearable fitness band called the WERAM1100 in Japan. The band monitors your activity, sleeping patterns, and the calories you've burned.