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Withings Activité and Activité Pop join the Android army with new Health Mate app

Withings released an Android version of its Health Mate app, so the Activité and Activité Pop smart fitness-tracking watches now work with both major operating systems.


Forget the Apple Watch, Pebble is far more fascinating

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky is happy to point out the company’s smartwatch is “the most popular smart watch platform in the world right now.” But can this tiny business keep up with the Apple Watch? Let’s hope so.


HTC's first wearable is for fitness freaks, but you may like it too

We go hands on with HTC's first wearable (and first fitness band). The HTC Grip is made in coordination with Under Armour, and packs a

  • Pros: Good build quality , Comes with extender bars for bigger…
  • Cons: Finding the right size may be tough , Menus can feel…

Forget the wheel, this company wants to reinvent the hinge on your glasses

The hinge that holds the arms on your glasses may seem like a simple, unchangeable item; but Spine Optics thinks it can do better. The Spine Hinge is the result, and to our surprise, it really is better than the trusty old hinge.


Forget Apple, the Noodoe Watch really wants to be the next Swatch

What does it take to stand out in the wearables market? The Noodoe Watch is being billed as a creative alternative to the Apple Watch. We talked to ex-HTC CMO and Noodoe founder, John Wang, to learn more.


Swiss watchmakers gear up to battle smartwatches with activity software

Swiss watchmakers are gearing up to fight smartwtaches from Apple and Google's Android Wear partners with smarter watches that boast fitness and sleep tracking software. The new smarter watches will arrive in June.


What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and more

Mobile World Congress is on its way, so we've put together all the big rumors about new smartphones and tablets from the big players in one place, including gossip about Samsung, HTC, Google, Microsoft, LG, and more.

Mobile World Congress

‘WankBand’ is a wearable kinetic charger that generates power as you jerk it

Much like one of those shake-to-shine flashlights, Pornhub's upcoming 'Wankband' device translates your forearm's feverish up-and-down motion into usable electricity.

Cool Tech

Set the date: The Apple Watch launches on March 9

Apple will likely reveal all the details of the Apple Watch at a March 9 event in San Francisco. The Apple Watch was first seen in September at the iPhone 6 launch event.


Any bracelet can track steps, but Fitbit's Charge HR has heart (rate)

The middle child of Fitbit’s new line of fitness trackers measures both step counting and heart-rate tracking, providing valuable insight into your everyday routine, not to…

  • Pros: Call notification , Sleek, modern minimal design…
  • Cons: Heart-rate data erratic , Not waterproof , No text…

Will smartwatch supremacy mean the race is over for fitness bands?

Fitness bands have lead the charge on getting ordinary people to strap technology to their bodies, but as smartwatches take off, is there room for them to stick around?


Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Bike light cameras, a sneaky smart projector

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Cool Tech

Forget sleep modes, this wearable fitness tracker will have a sex mode

Geeksphone, the company best known for jointly developing the secure Blackphone, is preparing to launch its first wearable device later this year. It's called the Geeksme, and it'll not only track your steps, but your sex life too.