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GoPro hits the rink with NHL to deliver live high-def broadcasts from players’ POV

GoPro and the NHL announced a partnership that will see live broadcasts from players' point of view. The partnership uses GoPro's recently announced wireless broadcast technology.


Slightly creepy GOQii subscription-based fitness tracker opens beta program in the U.S.

If you need an impartial, outside source of motivation to get fit and healthy this year, then the GOQii fitness wristband is here to help. It's free, but you pay for a personal coach each month to help create plans, motivate you, and stay on target.


Exclusive: We tested the world’s first automatic calorie counter, and it works!

We just spent a week as the first publication to use Healbe's automatic calorie counting GoBe Body Manager bracelet. Our in-depth report on how it all worked out.


FDA decides to regulate some wearables, as Apple Watch launch looms

The FDA has finalized a list of guidelines to determine which wearables will face regulatory scrutiny and which will not. Based on the guidelines, it appears most wearables will not face regulation.


Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium has incredible retractable roof, high-tech amenities

The New Atlanta Stadium for the Atlanta Falcons has a unique oculus retractable roof that opens and closes like a camera shutter. There will also be a 360-degree HD video board, a high-tech lounge, and eco-friendly features.


Forget reminder apps! This Kickstarter project promises to turn you into a task master in no time at all

Flip Band aims to make you more productive using no tech at all. The wrist band has two sides, each with a different color. You simply flip the band over to the other side when you accomplish your task.


Budweiser built a life-size Pac Man game for a Super Bowl ad

Budweiser constructed a life-size Pac Man maze in Los Angeles' Fashion District recently for a Bud Light advertisement, set to air at the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX in February.


Best fitness gadgets and tech to get you into shape

Activity trackers are everywhere these days. Many of them have the same bland feature set. But some are actually worth, well, wearing. Check out our picks for the best fitness trackers on the market that'll record all the information you need to get in shape…


Best iPhone fitness apps

Lose pounds or just get in shape with the best iPhone health and fitness apps. From tools for tracking calories to workout companions and even a sleep monitor app to make waking up easier.


Doubts and delays fail to drown interest in controversial GoBe calorie counter

A deeper look into Healbe's claims have inspired more disbelief than confidence. Still, it's unlikely that the company's funders will lose patience.


A new set of guided workouts is Microsoft’s new year’s gift to its fitness Band wearers

Microsoft has added 12 new guided workouts to its Health platform, which links in with the Microsoft Band fitness tracking wearable. The workouts are suitable for all levels, and some require basic equipment to complete.


OmSignal combines its biometric shirt and connected app so we can get a personal trainer in our home

OmSignal makes compression shirts which monitor everything from your heart rate to your step count, and now it has announced a training program which allows a personal trainer to build a fitness program for you, based around the stats collected from the shirt…