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Weight Weenies Tool Alert: Kickstand, Pump, Tire Lever and Taillight in One

Kickstand pump is the kickstand for bike riders who hate kickstands. It is actually a bike pump capable of 120 psi, a tire lever, and a tail light.

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Go Naked and never buy bottled water again

Liquidity Nanotech designed a microfiber filter to fit a bottle top holder that works with a variety of sports bottles. Unlike your Brita pitcher, Liquidity's Naked bottle top filter removes bacteria and viruses that could make you sick, in addition to debris…

Health & Fitness

6 percent of Americans want to buy an Apple Watch — That’s almost 15M watches

According to a survey conducted by Reuters, 6 percent of Americans will buy the Apple Watch. That seemingly small number would equate to 15 million units sold, far more than any of the smartwatch competition.


Jawbone UP4 does double duty as a mobile wallet, but there’s a catch

Like the Apple Watch, the Jawbone UP4 includes an NFC chip that allows it to act as a mobile payment solution. There is, however, a catch: The mobile payment functionality is only available to American Express cardholders.

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So you’re sold on the Apple Watch. Here’s how to get one

The Apple Watch is Apple's latest, and perhaps most controversial, piece of mobile hardware yet. If you're excited about it, and can't wait to buy one, we've got all the details on how to get one.


Is your body tuned up or running rough? This puck reads your vital signs in seconds

The Scanadu Scout broke records with its Indiegogo campaign. When it comes to taking your vital signs, it’s pretty accurate but isn’t yet a sci-fi level medical marvel.

  • Pros: Tiny , Measures vitals accurately , Futuristic looking…
  • Cons: Has some quirky usage issues , Still under development…

LucidBrake senses when you slow down, lights up like the brake lights on a car

Unlike most brake lights designed for cyclists, this one requires no special wiring to install on your bike. Instead, LucidBrake uses an array of accelerometers to determine when you're slowing down, and will automatically light up when you decelerate.

Cool Tech

2015’s Best Biking Gear

2015 has some cool bike commuter gear. There's a collapsible helmet, to puncture-proof tires, and even smart bars. If you're looking for a new ride, there are even smart bikes with as much built in tech as an economy compact car.

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NBA connects international fans with legends and superstars via live Q&A

The NBA will show their fan appreciation for the millions who followed the 2014-2015 regular season with 20 different live Q&A sessions on social media with more than 20 NBA players and legends.

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This Oculus Rift VR bike trainer lets you ride the Great Wall of China (or Toon City)

Gone are the days of giant stationary bikes hogging valuable living room real estate. Widerun, the first VR bike trainer, works with almost any bike and a few VR headsets in addition to other smart screens.

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Apple will let you participate in medical trials with ResearchKit

Apple is going to allow iPhone owners to participate in medical studies with a new software kit called ResearchKit.

Health & Fitness

These 10 Apple Watch apps will keep you healthy and help you call a doctor when you need one

The Apple Watch is taking the developer world by storm. It was only a matter of time before the healthcare industry took notice -- companies like WebMD, Doximity, and others are joining the fray.


This collar can tell you what you're dog has been up to all day

Humans aren't the only ones who need fitness trackers. For dogs who need to get out more, or just chase their tail more often, the Beagard Activity Collar will help their human keep track on their daily activity and caloric intake.


Convinced you need a smartwatch? Neither am I, and I’m really trying here

Not convinced you need a smartwatch? Neither am have I, and I been wearing one for months. How will companies convince the world we all do?


Marc Pro electronic muscle stimulator speeds workout recovery

The Marc Pro is an EMS (electronic muscle stimulator) intended for training applications. It tweaks the concepts of a TENS machine, introducing a unique waveform that helps rejuvenate muscle tissue and speed recovery.

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