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Liquid nicotine poisonings have surged across the country, and the FDA is doing something about it

As it turns out, making cigarettes more high tech doesn't make them any better for you. In recent months, emergency cases of liquid nicotine poisoning have increased across the country, prompting an FDA probe into the substance.

Health & Fitness

Huawei reveals the Band Zero smartwatch and Honor Whistle Bluetooth headset

Chinese electronics maker Huawei revealed two new entry-level devices, the Band Zero smartwatch and Honor Whistle, bound for China later this summer. They're an effort to round out the company's wearable catalog, which leans towards the high end.


Step aside, step counters: Hexoskin measures everything from yoga to badminton

Hexoskin’s Wearable Body Metrics shirt delivers instant, detailed feedback on every workout imaginable, from aerobics to yoga and weight training.

  • Pros: Most comprehensive biometrics on market , Measures just…
  • Cons: Not as comfortable as similar products due to inconsistent…

Tired of tangled wires? Samsung’s new Level U Bluetooth headset might be for you

Samsung has announced the Level U, a Bluetooth headset accessory for your smart device. It lacks the wires of cumbersome traditional earbuds, and aims to provide a superior listening experience.


Adidas and Monster announce two new pairs of headphones to energize your exercise

Adidas and Monster have teamed up on sport-focused audio products before, but now they're releasing two new pairs of in-ears aimed specifically at runners: the Sport Supernova and Sport Response.


The perfect accessory for Razer's Nabu X fitness band is a hammer to smash it

The Razer-produced Nabu X is sold as a social fitness tracker, connecting gamers up with like-minded souls, but ends up disappointing due to buggy software and limited…

  • Pros: Comfortable and lightweight , Simple design , Not expensive…
  • Cons: Limited functionality , Poor iOS app experience , Two apps…

PIQ sensor gets into golf with Mobitee

PIQ has joined with Mobitee, one of the top golf-assistant apps. PIQ's multisport sensor relays info about your swing and works with the app to save and share your info and show stats over time. Expect more sports to come for the PIQ sensor.

Health & Fitness

The smallest inflatable flotation device in the world fits on your wrist

Kingii fits around the wrist and inflates at the pull of a lever using a a compressed air canister. When the danger's passed, you can deflate, repack, and install another cartridge, so the Kingii can be used again. Can it compete with standard life vests?

Health & Fitness

Upcoming ‘Shift Sneakers’ will change color and design via a mobile app

+rehabstudio has conceptualized the sneakers of the future: Shift Sneakers, a new kind of wearable technology.The company is tinkering with the idea that will transform shoe shopping in such a way that if you buy one pair of sneakers, you're actually buying…

Cool Tech

Discovery scoops European TV rights to the Olympics from BBC

A new deal between Discovery and the International Olympic Committee means the BBC will no longer have Olympics TV rights from 2022 onwards. Eurosport, owned by Discovery, will broadcast the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

How to buy an Apple Watch: Get one in stores and in 7 more countries from June 26

The Apple Watch is Apple's latest, and perhaps most controversial, piece of mobile hardware yet. Here's everything you need to know about how and where to buy one.


DT Giveaway: Watch your six with Cycliq’s Fly6 bike light and HD camcorder

We’re giving away a $200 Cycliq Fly6, a combined bike taillight and HD camcorder that allows you to both see and be seen on the roads.

Health & Fitness

Conductive ink ushers in the next generation of wearable technology

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed a new conductive ink that would allow electronics to be printed on stretchable fabrics, which means that printing a conductive shirt might be as easy as screen printing a design.


No need to make exercise playlists with these music apps

Exercise is just plain easier with music. Developers are all over this, and there a few music apps designed specifically to make you run farther and feel better during and afterward. BPM calculators, built in GPS, and workout timers help manage your fitness.

Health & Fitness