Hacked Axl Rose Account Claims Tour is Cancelled

According to a tweet from Axl Rose, all of Guns N’ Roses’ European tour dates have been cancelled. Concert goers have begun to seek refunds, tour promoters are investigating and fans have began to clamor for information on makeup dates. At least until they realized that it was a lie.hacked axl rose account claims tour is cancelled 2006

This Sunday Axl Rose’s Twitter account was hacked, and the following message was left:

“”All upcoming Guns N’ Roses dates are officially canceled. Please contact your place of purchase for any refunds.”

Suspicions first should have arisen based on the spelling of “cancelled”, which is spelled using the British style of “canceled”. It should also have stood out that Rose had not tweeted since May 20, and his tweets tend to come from his iPhone. It did gain a little credibility based on the fact that Rose did legitimately post on March 14 that a show had been cancelled in Rio following a stage collapse, so the precedent was there. Thankfully for ticket holders, the shows will go on.

No word yet on who may have hacked Rose’s account, but it is not uncommon for a celebrity to have his or her account hacked- as well as having a close friend’s twitter account hacked- as was the case with Justin Bieber. After discovering who hacked his friend’s account, Bieber tweeted the hackers phone number and claimed it was his own, thus sending thousands of fanatical Beliebers after the hacker’s phone to confess their undying love to the singer.  The hacker then received over 10,000 texts in under two hours, and the phone rang so often that it became useless.

The Guns N’ Roses tour begins on August 27 in Reading, England.