Macromedia Launches Flash Video Streaming

Macromedia, Inc. and VitalStream, Inc. a worldwide leader in digital broadcasting solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Servicepowered by VitalStream. The service enables companies to quickly and easily deliver video-enabled Flash content across a high-performance, reliable content distribution network to Macromedia FlashPlayer, the most widely distributed player with video capabilities. For more information, visit

“Macromedia Flash is quickly becoming the video format of choice online because of the power it gives companies to provide a great seamless experience across a wide number of platforms,” said Chris Hock, director of product management, Macromedia. “By partnering with VitalStream, companies will be able to quickly use this service to deliver high-quality, on-demand video in the fastest manner possible without having to install and maintain streaming video servers.”

“VitalStream built both its name and reputation by delivering solutions specifically tuned for streaming media,” said Paul Summers, chief executive officer, VitalStream. “By working with Macromedia, we are providing the infrastructure for companies to reliably deliver great user experiences that can scale to meet the needs of any size deployment.”

Flash video content enables a better user experience because of its unique ability to include interactivity, synchronize the video to other site elements, play back within the browser, and not deliver additional branding or advertising. The Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream enables companies to deliver this content easier and more effectively by taking advantage of VitalStream’s content delivery network to ensure high-performance video delivery with built-in load balancing and full redundancy, as well as a full suite of tracking and reporting tools.

Sundance Online Film Festival ( is utilizing the service to deliver dynamic, streaming video content to promote the film festival and highlight the films. Flash video provides Sundance Online Film Festival with the ability to deeply integrate video content directly in its site and ensure that design matches the overall experience without having to worry about whether the site visitor will be able to see the video.

“The Sundance Online Film Festival chose to use Flash video because we wanted our site visitors to have a unique experience. Because we were on a tight deadline with hundreds of films, we needed to find a way we could quickly deploy Flash video to a large, global audience,” said Amye Rita Osti, executive producer, Sundance Online Film Festival. “Using the Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream, we were able to solve all of the questions around how to deliver a cinematic experience artistically, reliably, and effectively, and focus instead on integrating the video deeply into our website.”