New Gyration Media PC remote introduced

Specifically designed for remote control of PCs running the Microsoft® Windows XP Media Center Edition, the Gyration Media Center Remote lets users navigate the XP MCE interface with ease whether they are sitting, standing or reclining on the couch. The Gyration Media Center Remote is the only true convergence remote that offers motion-sensing cursor control along with standard remote control functionality. Gyration’s Media Center Remote is now available through for the suggested retail price of $149.95.  A product suite featuring the Media Center Remote and a compact wireless keyboard is available for a suggested retail price of $179.95.

“Given recent announcements and product introductions, entertainment enthusiasts will be buying and receiving record numbers of Media Center PCs this holiday season,” said Thomas Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of Gyration. “Gyration’s Media Center Remote is the ultimate accessory for these new systems. This one easy-to-use, elegant device gives users full control of their Media Center TV, movie, music or Internet experience in complete, un-tethered comfort.”

Although Media Center PCs come equipped with an infrared remote control and a separate mouse for users to change TV channels and browse the Web, Gyration’s Media Center Remote integrates both functionalities into one remote and is the first and only remote with precise cursor control from simple in-air hand movements.  Despite its dual-functionality, Gyration’s Media Center Remote eliminates over 65% of the buttons found on the traditional infrared remote bundled with Media Center PCs, and its unmatched 100-foot radio frequency (RF) signal eliminates the need for line-of-sight input.  Therefore, users can stow their Media Centers anywhere they would like.

Gyration’s Media Center Remote is also customized to take advantage of Media Center PC’s advanced point-and-click user interface, which enables complete feature control while maintaining eye contact with the visual medium. There is no need for the user to look back and forth between the display and the remote to locate the correct buttons and make selections, a problem for traditional remotes. This, along with the Gyration Media Center Remote’s backlit buttons, greatly facilitates use while watching a movie or listening to music in a darkened room.

Bundled with Gyration’s Media Center Remote is a suite of software (GyroTools Media Center Edition) to enhance remote control through simple mouse clicks, swipes of the hand, or hot spots on the screen. For example, if you are having difficulty reading a web page, just click and the screen zooms. Or, to adjust the volume, simply motion your hand upward to raise the volume, motion down to lower it. GyroTools/MCE has over 80 such tools to enhance user control and the entertainment experience.