Razer cuts MMO gamers free with wireless Naga Epic

razer cuts mmo gamers free with wireless naga epic 03

World of Warcraft addicts, you can now slay tauren more than two feet away from your computer monitor. Following in the steps of its wireless Mamba gaming mouse, Razer cut the tail on its Naga roleplaying mouse to deliver the Naga Epic on Wednesday.

Like the original Epic, it features 17 buttons in a keypad configuration for executing complex macros on the fly, but Razer has also added three interchangeable side panels to change the fit, a tweakable underglow that can take on any of 16 million colors, and of course, wireless functionality.

razer cuts mmo gamers free with wireless naga epic 02

Razer claims the battery should last for 12 hours of continuous use, or 72 hours of “normal gaming usage.” For gamers who aren’t quite sure whether they can deal with the slightly slower response times – or just don’t want to be out in the cold when the battery dies in the middle of a six-hour raid – the Naga actually comes with a snap-in cord that lets it revert to wired functionality as well.

All the extra features bump the $79.99 Naga up to $129.99 in Epic form. Razer is accepting preorders now, but the first batch won’t begin shipping until November 29.