Toshiba lowers price of SD-R5112 DVD drive

Toshiba’s easy-to-install/use SD-R5112 DVD recordable upgrade kit is available for just $119 and now comes bundled with Nero software, making DVD creation and editing virtually effortless and more affordable than ever. The Toshiba DVD recordable kit enables users to upgrade their current desktop computers with DVD/CD playback and recording capabilities to store and share home movies, music, and photos with greater efficiency and performance. The Nero software suite brings users a host of easy-to-use programs, making the transfer of home videos and photos from the computer to the living room DVD player a fun and simple project. All of the tools needed for “do-it-yourself” installation are in one convenient, low-priced package.

The SD-R5112 drive supports write speeds of 4Nero Express 6

InCD 4
NeroVision Express 2
Nero BackItUp
Nero ShowTime
Nero Recode
Nero Media Player
Nero ToolKit
Nero Cover Designer x for DVD-R, 2x for DVD-RW, 16x for CD-R and 10x for HS CD-RW.