YouTube Debuts Simple Video Editor

YouTube has almost completely positioned itself as a video sharing site that enables users to upload, view, and find videos: it doesn’t host much in the way of applications, or offer value-added services. That may be changing ad the Google property introduces a new bare-bones video editor (YouTube login required) that enables users to trim videos and assemble them together into a larger composite.

Although the tool may be useful for some, it’s distinctly light on features compared to desktop video editing applications and even other Web-based video editing tools; however, the editor may be a signal of directions Google plans to take its ambitious cloud computing agenda.

The editor enables users to create videos assembled from excerpts of videos users have already uploaded to YouTube. Currently the editor does not support transitions or uploading a soundtrack, although users can add a music file from the AudioSwap library…with the risk that the video might display ads.

Users can set start and end points for excerpts to be included in their video; the editor will let users view a low-resolution version. Once a video is complete, it appears in a user’s library and authors have all the usual options YouTube affords videos uploaded to the service.

Back in 2007, YouTube tried launching a Flash-based editor based on Adobe Premiere Express; the editor had more features but was “slow and buggy” so YouTube shut it down.

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