Classé Audio Debuts Touchscreen CD Player

The CDP-100 joins seven other initial Delta-range intros including five power amplifiers, a preamp, and an integrated amp, in the broadest and most significant line change in Classé’s 24-yearhistory.

As the badge of its Delta-line the CDP-100 boasts a TFT color touchscreen display, integrated into its front panel, which is the hallmark of Classé’s new front-end components. The display has onlythree hard-key buttons: Standby, Menu and Load.

The CDP-100 begins with a stable, low-noise power supply and a professional-grade disc-transport/optical-pickup assembly integrated with Classé’s proprietary IMCâ„¢ (Isolated Master Clock) system; thecombination ensures virtually perfect time-base stability, for jitter-free operation according to Classé. The CDP-100 then exploits Classé’s PDXBâ„¢ Pure Differential Cross Balance digital-to-analogconverter.

The CDP-100 employs high-performance 24-bit, 352kHz digital filter with oversampling and HDCD decoding capability. Equally important, this oversampling and D/A subsystem uses a relatively mild,second-order analog filter for musical purity, breadth, and precision.

The Classé CDP-100 Compact Disc Player is available in North America at a manufacturer’s suggested price of $3,500.