Epson Adds 802.11g To Projector Lineup

Epson is introducing two 3,000-ANSI lumens desktop/installable XGA projectors (1,024 x 768) with the launch of the Epson PowerLite 835p and PowerLite 830p. Both 3-LCD projectors combine high performance video with a wide array of connectivity options, RJ-45 network monitoring and control, enhanced audio capabilities and user-friendly setup. Additionally, the PowerLite 835p offers 802.11g WiFi compatibility for extremely fast wireless streaming of video content, and features a variety of PC-free presentation options.

By incorporating four video input connections including two individual “computer” inputs, these two projectors enable users to plug into, and easily switch between a wide selection of source devices such as PCs and various video players. In addition both projectors offer four dedicated audio inputs to complement each video input, including a five-watt speaker. They also include an RJ-45 port to access the projectors’ advanced, built-in networking capabilities.

The PowerLite 835p and 830p offer several easy-to-use setup features that help presenters get up and running quickly while alleviating stresses commonly associated with setup time. When the projector is turned on, a feature called Quick Setup uses a built-in CCD camera that enables it to automatically focus an image, resize it and adjust both the horizontal and vertical keystone with one touch of a button. The entire Quick Setup process takes less than 20 seconds, making it one of the fastest auto-setup projectors in the industry.

Another setup feature called “Auto Source Selection” automatically searches for a valid input source signal and lets the user know the setup process is complete. A motorized 1.6x zoom lens also allows the display size to be adjusted using a remote control, and can be set to project large images from relatively short throw distances. Setup is further simplified with the inclusion of color-coded cables and a verification tone that sounds whenever the “power on” and “power off” button has been selected.

Both projectors feature Epson’s Easy Management networking capabilities with unique command and control options. Centralized monitoring enables projector operators/managers to save time by simultaneously viewing the status of all Epson network projectors including input sources, power on/off and lamp life conditions. Built-in remote access also gives users virtual control of the projectors from remote locations over a network with the ability to troubleshoot and monitor them, and without having to pay for additional license seating fees. Both projectors are Ethernet-ready with cross-platform compatibility that allows them to plug into virtually any existing platform.

The PowerLite 835p takes advantage of 802.11g WiFi technology using a unique and proprietary Epson algorithm for extremely high-speed wireless streaming of video content. Users can upload or run presentations wirelessly at frame rates two to five times faster than 802.11b, eliminating the need for video cables. Wireless transmissions are secured by two types of enhanced security, WEP/WPA for encryption and LEAP for authentication. Furthermore, presentations and MPEG2 video or still digital photos can be displayed without a PC using the projector’s built-in PCMCIA and USB slots with storage devices such as USB memory, external hard drives or digital cameras.

The PowerLite 835p and 830p include six built-in display modes for various presenting environments including Epson’s Blackboard mode. Designed for classroom settings, Blackboard mode gives the projector the ability to detect the color of a display surface such as a chalkboard or painted wall and adjust its output to optimize accurate color reproduction, contributing to increased comprehension and retention. The projectors’ low fan noise (as low as 30db) also contributes to a quieter, less distracting presentation environment, and their 10.8-pound size and convenient handle make them relatively easy to install or move from one room to another.

“These projectors offer so many features that are designed to not only meet the needs of the end users, but also provide the kind of leading-edge industry solutions that dealers have come to appreciate from Epson,” said Aaron Marinari, product manager, Epson America. “Features such as Auto Setup and Auto Source Selection are just two examples of our commitment to making the setup process as simple as possible. Furthermore, the PowerLite 835p pushes the boundaries of wireless streaming not only in terms of increased transfer speed, but also transferring data securely.”

The EPSON PowerLite 835p and 830p will be available for $3,899 and $3,699 (respective estimated street prices) through authorized pro audio/visual, national distribution, catalog and direct PC dealers and select PC retailers throughout the country in mid-July 2004.