Pioneer intros Tivo DVD recorders

These new recorders offer consumers the control provided by the easy-to-use TiVo service integrated with advanced DVD recording for the option of short-term storage on a hard drive or long-term archival of broadcast programming on DVD-R/RW discs.

The Pioneer Elite DVR-57H includes a 120-gigabyte hard disc drive while the Pioneer DVR-810H boasts 80 gigabytes of storage space. Both models are powered by the TiVo service and offer the ability to:

  • Schedule and record programs while playing a DVD.
  • Play programs from the hard drive while recording from the hard drive onto a DVD.
  • Watch a program from the beginning while the recorder simultaneously finishes the recording.
  • Transfer content at high speeds from the hard drive to a DVD for long-term storage.

Both DVD recorders offer DCDi