61m DVD recorders by 2009

The study forecasts that consumer DVD recorders are likely to see significant consumer take-up beginning this year as the market responds to more integration of supplementary features, such as storage and digital video recording, facilitated by an internal hard-disk drive (HDD).

This year, the proportion of DVD recorders with integrated HDDs is expected to exceed 65% of units shipped in Japan and 50% of those shipped in the US in 2005, with Western Europe hitting the same level by 2007.

IMS’s forecast that many DVD recorders with HDDs will also have an integrated digital tuner is put down to three main reasons: first, the impact of government initiatives, such as the FCC tuner mandate and plug-and-play in the US, along with analogue switch-off dates in many other countries; second, DTV platform growth; and third, falling component prices.

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