Terk introduces Leapfrog WaveMaster 30

The WaveMaster 30 is a wireless audio/video transmitter that sends picture and sound throughout the home, eliminating the hassle and expense of extra wiring. Featuring remote control capability and a built-in modulator, the WaveMaster 30 is an easy-to-use, cost effective alternative to purchasing multiple A/V components.

Using the super-high 2.4GHz frequency band, WaveMaster 30 transmits clear audio and video signals from a source component to remote TVs or audio systems located throughout the home. The 2.4GHz signal penetrates walls, doors, ceilings and floors for reception up to 100 feet away.

WaveMaster 30 also provides options not possible with conventional systems like enabling a single DVD player in the living room to be used to send movies to every TV in the home. And because hard-wired connections are no longer needed, WaveMaster 30 gives consumers installation flexibility, such as hooking up a TV on a patio in minutes if they decide to watch the big game during an outdoor party. Other uses may also be applied such as connecting to a video camera and using WaveMaster 30 as either a video baby monitor or a security monitor. It can also be connected it to a computer to enjoy Internet music throughout the home.

WaveMaster 30 consists of a transmitter located at the signal source and a receiver located at the remote TV or audio system. Additional receiver modules can be added to expand the system for multi-room operation. An upgrade to the LeapFrog WaveMaster 20, WaveMaster 30 features a built-in IR extender, which enables the use of most existing universal remotes to control the transmitter/receiver system. A built-in modulator ensures compatibility with any TV, new or old, without needing any additional connections. To ensure quality, WaveMaster 30 allows you to select from four different channels.

The TERK LeapFrog WaveMaster 30 (LF30S) is currently available and carries a suggested retail price of $99.95.