Vidikron Introduces New 42in. Plasma

The VP-42HD is “a high-resolution alternative to the enhanced resolution VP-42,” states a company announcement.

The VP-42HD joins Vidikron’s recently introduced VP-42, VP-50, and VP-60, priced at $6,495, $11,995, and $19,995, respectively. All Vidikron PDPs combine great styling with full HDTV capability (using outboard tuner/decoder, D-VHS or satellite receiver). Like all models in the PlasmaView line, the VP42-HD, leverages advanced engineering innovations to provide excellent brightness, contrast and black level performance with outstanding video processing. Stationary image burn, a common problem with plasma displays, is minimized in the VP-42HD (and in all Vidikron monitors) by the implementation of the company’s “Dynamic Pixel Protection” circuitry. Early models of plasma panels were especially susceptible to image burn; many currently on the market still are.

The VP-42HD gets the most from all sources thanks to superior video processing, and delivers the best from film originals with its 3:2 film detection circuitry. Even NTSC legacy video is offered up in what Vidikron calls “near HD quality.” Like all Vidikron models, the new VP-42HD features multiple aspect ratio control, including the company’s proprietary “IntelliWide” mode, enabling standard video formats to be viewed in widescreen “without loss of image quality.” Installers will appreciated the display’s discrete IR and RS-232 controls as well as its source and aspect ratio flexibility. Mounting options include a tabletop stand or wall mounting kit.

Available in February, the Vidikron VP-42HD will have a suggested list price of $9995.