BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is out today

Blackberry PlaybookLook everyone, it’s a BlackBerry PlayBook software update! Nearly a year has passed since the PlayBook tablet went on sale, but now after various delays, a preview and a lot of waiting from some very patient owners, PlayBook OS 2.0 is finally here.

A press release announced the news this morning, while RIM’s international Twitter accounts confirmed the update was available outside North America, and the company has released a handy guide to help users become familiar with the new features.

So what does PlayBook OS 2.0 bring to the tablet? Perhaps the most controversial new feature is the introduction of an integrated email client with a unified inbox and a calendar. We’re sure the irony of a BlackBerry device making do without these two features for almost a year isn’t lost on you.

Also new to the PlayBook is social networking integration within the email client, the calendar and the contacts applications, so all your friend’s messages and addresses are stored in a single location, no matter where they were originally created.

BlackBerry Bridge has been given an overhaul, so connecting your BlackBerry smartphone to the tablet is quicker and easier, allowing you to share everything from webpages to photos between the two devices. An app even lets you use your phone as a remote control for the tablet too. Additionally, PlayBook 2.0 adds an updated keyboard and the Print to Go app.

The PlayBook will gain access to RIM’s new BlackBerry Video Store, plus a variety of new apps have been released inside the BlackBerry App World, including a selection of ported over Android apps.

The update is around 500MB and should be available on your tablet under the Software Updates menu right now.

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