Karaoke goes mobile

This conference is being held from June 10-13 in San Francisco and is the premier conference for Java developers worldwide. The product will be demonstrated by Nokia personnel at Booth 631 in the main pavilion and this is the first time that this groundbreaking product will be shown to the public. The patented mobile java applications known as air.karaoke include a back catalogue of 8,339 songs and function on the latest multimedia handsets from Nokia and other handset manufacturers including Motorola, Siemens, Samsung and Sharp.

Alatto has been developing Mobile Music applications using lessons learnt from the Japanese and Korean markets where polyphonic sounds chips have been standard in handsets for some time but are just appearing in Europe. The music applications are typically downloaded onto a mobile phone and can have a built in number of plays or expiry time as well as rights management protection.

“We are delighted to have Nokia showcase our application and to be able to partner with such a major market leader in the area of mobile music. Mobile karaoke is the perfect commercial exploitation of the Multimedia capabilities of the current wave of mobile handsets. air.karaoke is building on the success of ringtones and Alatto are the only European and US provider of a ready to go mobile karaoke system. ” said Alatto founder Dr. John Whelan. According to a report published today from IDC the revenue opportunity for ringtones in the US market will reach more than US$1 billion by 2007.