3G Multiplayer Games Available Worldwide

Viva la Mobile will be offering games such as “Badlands”, a Java-based tank battle game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Mobile subscribers can play against other subscribers in real-time under the high-speed technology of 3G.

David J. Wong, Executive Vice President and Mobile Media Asia Pacific General Manager, says, “We expect these games to have real appeal among consumers looking for a fun and interactive gaming experience. By early 2005, a mobile user in Hong Kong will be able to play ‘Badlands’ in real-time against a gamer in Italy.”

Gabi Harkham, Director of Viva la Mobile, states, “We are pleased to be working with Mobile Media. With the increasing pace of 3G network deployments worldwide, Mobile Media’s global presence and growing base of 3G customers provide an attractive means of easily and rapidly extending our reach into new markets.”

“Badlands” will be live in Hong Kong soon, with further deployments worldwide by early next year, including Italy and Malaysia.

Karsten Hauge, CEO of The Mobile Media Company AS, adds, “There is huge potential for multiplayer games on mobile devices. With Viva la Mobile’s games, anyone can have a great deal of fun without the need for a dedicated gaming handset. All they need is a regular 3G phone.”