NEC MobilePro 200E PDA review

Quote from the review at Digit-Life:

“A  potential  owner  of  the  NEC Mobile Pro 200E has to tradeoff its performance  for  the  sake  of its design. On one hand, the device is pretty  slim and doesn’t tend to slip out of your hand. The panels are made  of  aluminum  –  the  material which is not that easy to scratch compared  to  plastic.  On  the other hand, the low performance of the 200E  won’t let you play video (maybe for demonstration only), and the interface  works pretty slowly as well. In general, the NEC Mobile Pro 200E  is a typical budget Pocket PC 2002 based PDA that is so close to the Mitac Mio 338 that it makes me think it’s another solution of this family.”

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