Sprint Simplifies Wi-Fi Connectivity Cost

From Sprint’s press release:

Business travelers and consumers on-the-move have an alternative to pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi access pricing, as Sprint announced a new monthly unlimited access plan priced at $49.95 as a complement to its current $6.95 promotional daily connection offer. Sprint offers both plans for the over 2,200 Wi-Fi hot spots where Sprint PCS Wi-FI Access service is currently available, including airports, hotels and convention centers across the United States and Canada.

“We are simplifying life for the mobile professional by accommodating different connectivity needs,” explained Wes Dittmer, Sprint General Manager of WLAN Services. “The Wi-Fi ‘power user’ with high data connectivity demands will benefit most from the unlimited access plan regardless of how many sessions are initiated at different locations, while the ‘occasional use’ customer retains the cost-effectiveness of high-speed data connectivity on a per-connection basis.”

Sprint is focusing on providing Wi-Fi services in high-traffic areas such as airports, hotels, convention centers and other public venues where customers tend to need it most and can derive the greatest benefit. The pricing plans now offered accommodate both the frequent as well as occasional user. Sprint PCS Wi-Fi Access users can now choose between Pay-As-You-Go access for $6.95 per connection per location for 24 hours of unlimited access, or the new Month-to-Month plan which offers unlimited access for $49.95 per month.

“Wi-Fi is progressing from an amenity to an expectation and a necessity for the road warrior intent on preserving productivity while mobile,” Dittmer remarked. “Our pricing plans address the business customer’s connectivity needs at any given time.”

Sprint PCS Wi-Fi Access is a high-speed wireless data service that uses 802.11b technology to enable mobile professionals to replicate their desktop environment and get remote access to the Internet, email and corporate applications on mobile devices while outside the office. Users need a mobile device with Wi-Fi card or embedded with Wi-Fi technology. Service users have two ways to connect: through Web-based log-in using one’s Internet browser, or by using Sprint PCS Connection Manager software with Wi-Fi, which enables customers to manage the service in hundreds of other Sprint compatible public Wi-Fi ZONES in a consistent and convenient manner by simply pressing Go once registered.

For complete information, tutorials, a user guide and list of Wi-Fi ZONES compatible with Sprint service or to download Sprint PCS Connection Manager, visit http://www.sprint.com/pcsbusiness. and click on “Sprint PCS Wi-Fi Access.”