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Now, where’s that email? Gmail introduces a bunch of new search options

Super_Gmail_Logo1Whether your Gmail account is a messy mass of unsorted messages or a neatly arranged, highly organized affair, it can still be difficult to locate a particular email when the need arises.

With this in mind, the boffins at Google have been working on creating a bunch of new search operators so that nearby innocents will no longer have to listen to you swear in frustration as you waste time attempting to track down that vital message – which you forgot you deleted months ago.

The new operators allow users to look for emails by size, more flexible date options, label, exact match…..the list goes on. In fact, more than 25 different operators have been introduced. If you can’t find that all-important email using one of these, you surely never will.

Google’s Gmail team gives an example of the new operators on its blog. “To find emails larger than 5MB, you can search for size:5m or larger:5m or to find emails sent over a year ago, older_than:1y.”

According to a comScore report, Gmail last month became the world’s most widely used web-based email service, knocking Hotmail from the top spot, a position which it had held since it got the web-based-email-ball rolling back in the 1990s. However, Microsoft’s rebranding of Hotmail as Outlook over the summer does cloud the issue somewhat, as both services continue to run alongside each other while Hotmail is gradually phased out.

While Yahoo is in third position globally, it’s the most popular service among US users, with 41 percent of the market.

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