Do cell phones cause cancer? Admit it: You couldn’t give yours up if they did

Phones can cause cancer. No, they can't. It's an argument which has gone on for years, and shows no sign of being settled. The trouble is, regardless of the outcome, smartphones have no become so important, we just don't seem to care if they're dangerous to…


Is it a router? Nope! It’s Asus’ new mini-PC

Are you looking for a small, silent computer that can tuck behind your monitor? Asus thinks it has just what you need with its new E210, a miniature desktop that leverages Intel's Bay Trail processor for efficient performance.


BlackBerry’s latest financial results show further signs of recovery

BlackBerry has announced its latest set of incomings and outgoings, and while the company still made a loss in the last quarter, there are indications that the firm is on the way back.


Could Lenovo’s next phone have a 46-day battery life?

Bigger batteries might at last be about to save us from charging smartphones up multiple times a day — rumors from China say Lenovo's next mobile will be able to keep going for over a month.


Woman assaults grandmother for denying Facebook friend request

Likely feeling spurned after her grandmother ignored her Facebook friend request, a 27-year-old Florida women decided that committing aggravated battery would be the best way to become Facebook friends.

Social Media

PC games in the living room don't get better than on CyberPower's Syber Vapor

Not quite a Steam Machine, but still a strong contender, the Syber Vapor I proves that Valve's failure to deliver Steam OS on time doesn’t mean the PCs built to take advantage of…

  • Pros: Works as a viable console replacement out of the box , Solid…
  • Cons: Initial cost might seem prohibitive to the console faithful…

Binge anyone? Hulu scores a heap of shows, from Fargo to Flipper

Hulu has made two major content deals this week that will bring a score of FX programming like Fargo and Tyran, as well as older shows from the MGM vault like Flipper, Green Acres, and the Addams Family.

Home Theater

Rolling solo at a hotel? Marriott wants to hook you up (with platonic pals)

Your next business stay at a Marriott hotel could be more like a hostel thanks to Six Degrees, a social-networking experiment designed to connect like-minded travellers staying under the same roof.


Here’s the only place at CES where your vote really matters

CES is host to two of the most entertaining tech spectacles you’ll ever see. At Last Gadget Standing and Mobile Apps Showdown, the makers of the most cutting-edge gadgets and apps are given a stage, an audience of hundreds, and just 4 minutes to sell their…


Vevo and Pandora apps pump up the jams on Xbox One

A selection of new media apps just went live on Xbox One, including those for the Pandora music streaming service and the music video channel Vevo.


Live reading of The Empire Strikes Back casts Ellen Page as Han Solo, Mark Hamill as Obi-Wan

A live-reading of the script for Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back casts Ellen Page as Han Solo, and Mark Hamill as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Movies & TV

No baby bro for the Boxster: Porsche cancels entry-level 718 project

Porsche’s rumored baby brother to the Boxster, codenamed 718, has been cancelled. Porsche's head of R&D said that there simply isn’t room below the Boxster in Porsche’s range, claiming that the automaker should focus on quality rather than quantity.


Among many flaws, the final installment of The Hobbit just needs more hobbit

Peter Jackson concludes Bilbo Baggins' origin story with an outrageously action-packed finale — and not a moment too soon.

Movies & TV

Far Cry 4’s prison escape add-on makes Kyrat even more dangerous with permadeath

Escape from Durgesh Prison, Far Cry 4's first major DLC expansion, is set to arrive on January 13, 2015, adding a challenging new mission with unprecedented permadeath.