Watch out for new Microsoft Lumia branding replacing the classic Nokia name soon

Microsoft's long overdue rebranding of Nokia's mobile division may be about to begin, and it could all start with the company's social networking sites becoming known as Microsoft Lumia pages.


Security upgrade! Google will now let you log in with a special USB key

Google on Tuesday announced support for Security Key for its Web services. The Mountain View company promises that the system, which uses a special USB stick, will provide stronger online protection for "particularly security-sensitive" individuals.


Nokia’s not dead, tests new battery and speed boosting features to prove 3G isn’t either

Nokia Networks has been working on a new feature set which could add several benefits to devices connected to 3G networks around the world, including more battery life, faster browsing, and quicker call connections.


None of your favorite shows would have existed in an a la carte cable world

Mad Men? Breaking Bad? Sons of Anarchy? You might not like to admit it, but our current system of bundled, overpriced cable packages helped birth some of television’s best shows.

Home Theater

Dudes, track your endless summer with this smartwatch for surfers (Updated)

A new smartwatch has been announced to fill an unusual niche, the need for surfers to track their time out on the waves. It's called the Glassy Pro One, and it's ready to pre-order now.


Vine update for iOS lets you follow channels and post straight from Photos app

Vine has rolled out another update for the iOS version of the popular short-video app. This latest one lets you easily follow channels via a new "+" button, as well as share videos straight from Photos and other apps.


Latest Moto 360 software helps make the most out of the battery

Motorola has started to send out a software update to the Moto 360 smartwatch, which adds several new features, including a very welcome battery saving mode, designed to make the most of the last remaining amount of power.


Google leads major investment in Magic Leap, creator of ‘jaw-dropping’ AR tech

Google is leading a $542 million funding round in Miami-based startup Magic Leap. The secretive firm is thought to be developing highly advanced AR headgear that offers a "jaw-dropping" 3D experience, according to one investor who's tried it out.

Cool Tech

Staples is the latest company to announce a credit card data breach

Probably not the last retailer to suffer a massive breach of credit card data this year, office supply chain Staples is looking into the loss of consumer payment information and significant fraudulent activity.


The Roost smart battery adds smartphone connectivity to your oldschool smoke alarm

Despite the fact that it looks like a regular 9-volt battery from the outside, the Roost smart battery let you connect your smoke alarm to your Wi-Fi network


With the next-gen Apex suit, running into a fire has never been smarter

Today’s first responders rely more on grit and experience than tech, but a new type of suit, codenamed Apex, could help deliver life-saving intel to these these brave men and women through wearable technology.


HP’s Sprout allegedly melds a PC, projector, a 3D scanner, and could create amazing things

HP is allegedly primed to unleash a computer called Sprout, which combines a PC, with a projector, and a 3D scanner. Learn more here.


Microsoft gives life to the Action Center in the newest Windows 10 build

The first new Windows 10 Technical Preview build since its release has been launched. Learn more about what's new here.


Apple acknowledges iCloud hacking in China, but says its servers are safe

Apple acknowledges iCloud hacking in China, but says its servers are safe. The man-in-the-middle attack aims to compromise the credentials of iCloud users.