AMD vs. Nvidia: The green team has the upper hand, and that’s bad news

AMD and Nvidia have been locked in battle for over a decade, but now it appears the latter has gained a permanent upper hand. That's bad news for PC gamers.


A wristband that can detect cancer cells? It could become a reality in five years

Google successfully secured a patent for a wristband that could detect tumor cells in the body. Even though the device is still at least five years away from FDA approval, the possibilities for the device are endless.


Never lose progress on your PS4 again with Suspend/Resume and HDD backup

The latest system update for PlayStation 4 goes live on March 26. Update 2.5, code-named "Yukimura," will introduce a host of new features designed to streamline the console experience.


Sling TV now runs $1 per channel as A&E, Lifetime, History and H2 go live (Update)

Dish's Web TV service Sling TV got more approachable for gamers with its launch on Xbox One last week, while this week brought the addition of A&E, Lifetime, History, and H2 to its swelling core channel pack.

Home Theater

Track your fitness and learn a new language with additions to Xbox One

Microsoft is integrating its Xbox Fitness with its web-based activity platform, Health. Separately, it's making the third-party Rosetta Stone app, a pared-down version of the Rosetta Stone PC product, available free for Xbox One owners.


With Clarkson gone, Top Gear Presenter James May scrambles to sell his Ferrari

James May, when asked whether he’ll remain with Top Gear sans Clarkson said, “that will require a lot of careful thought.”


Broken Age Act II arrives April 28 on all platforms

Originally slated to come out in 2014, the second act of Double Fine's crowdfunding success story Broken Age saw its release delayed to the spring of 2015. Now we have an actual release date of April 28, which includes the new PS4 and Vita versions.


Your next laptop could be awesome, and here’s why

Laptops have come a long way from the bricks they originally were, and new technology will change them further. Here's what you can expect from the notebook of tomorrow.


Amazon’s Prime Now is now expanding to Dallas

Amazon's one-hour Prime Now delivery service continues its nationwide rollout with an expansion of service to Dallas. The service provides one-hour delivery to Prime subscribers for a flat $7.99 fee, and free two-hour delivery.


No rain gear left behind: This umbrella sends an alert when you forget it

Tut, tut. It looks like rain! Never leave your umbrella behind with the Davek Alert umbrella. The Bluetooth-connected rain gear pings your smart device when you've forgotten it.


Fortune names Apple’s Tim Cook the ‘World’s Greatest Leader’

Fortune Magazine named Tim Cook the “World Greatest Leader,” catapulting the Apple chief executive over heads of states and religious leaders like Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Schwarzenegger is just a dad protecting his zombie daughter in Maggie

In the first trailer for Maggie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father trying to protect his daughter after she becomes infected by a deadly zombie virus. The role marks a departure from Schwarzenegger's usual tough-guy characters.

Movies & TV

Teenage mutant Jubilee cast for X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer has announced the casting of unknown actress Lana condor as the firework-flinging mutant Jubilee in the upcoming sequel.

Movies & TV

Runners can leave their iPhone behind — Once the Apple Watch learns their stride

The Apple Watch gets its big announcement on March 9 in San Francisco. Here's everything you need to know about the specs, price, and release date.