Windows 8.1 and XP market share falls, while Windows 7 gains users

Windows 8.1 and XP lost users last month, while Windows 7 strengthens its position, which was already dominant in the desktop world.


Drone fails to deliver contraband into prison, crashes outside wall

A man has been arrested and charged with attempting to use a drone to deliver contraband into a South Carolina prison. The drone was found crashed outside prison walls with items like phones, marijuana, and tobacco.

Cool Tech

Quotacle turns all your favorite movie quotes into GIFs

Quotacle puts together hundreds of thousands of quotes from your favorite movies and turns them into GIFs. Quotacle has lines from Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, and more.


Michael Keaton brings back his superhero voice for new Birdman trailer

The film about a washed-up former superhero actor trying to launch a Broadway play gives Michael Keaton the opportunity to bring back his Batman voice.


Diablo 3 saves from PS3 or Xbox 360 can transfer to either of the newer consoles

Blizzard's upcoming console release of Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition allows players to import saves from PS3/Xbox 360 to either of the newer consoles.


Sacré bleu! French company Iliad makes $15 billion bid for T-Mobile USA

French company Iliad has come out of left field and offered a $15 billion bid to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. Iliad would purchase 56.6 percent of T-Mobile, if successful.


HP is making a smartwatch, and it’s fashioned by a renowned designer

Hewlett Packard has teamed up with menswear fashion designer Michael Bastian to produce a stylish new smartwatch, which will be sold by the fashion website later this year.


Google scraps ambitious, high-tech barge project in Portland

Google's ambitious, high-tech barge project has hit stormy waters, and the company has sold the vessel moored in Portland for scrap. This puts an end to hopes we'd be testing out the latest Google toys aboard in the near future.


Super tough, sapphire screened Kyocera Brigadier marches on to the Verizon network

Verizon has launched the Kyocera Brigadier, its latest rugged smartphone, which stands out thanks to a sapphire crystal screen, making it almost scratch proof, and tough enough for even the harshest environments.


Insecure about your height? This app makes you taller (in photos)

Ever wish you had a few extra inches on you? Spring is a cheeky app for iOS and Android devices that stretches your body to make you appear taller – albeit only in photos.


The 5.7-inch, $400 LG G Vista is on sale now through Verizon

Verizon has launched the $400 LG G Vista, a mid-range, big-screen smartphone with the look of the G3 flagship phone, but without its headline specs, including the Quad HD screen.


The NSA can’t hear you now: How to easily encrypt calls on your iPhone

For years, iPhone users haven't had a free and easy-to-use app that can encrypt calls -- but now, at long last, Signal is here to change all that


56 impressive iPad Air and iPad 4 cases and covers

It looks great, it’s comfortable to hold, but even the iPad Air needs some protection. Check out our top picks for the best iPad Air cases to add function and style to your Apple tablet. We've got iPad 1-4 Cases, too.