If you want an ad-free Internet, sign up for Google Contributor

Google is running a small experiment to see if users are willing to pay a small monthly fee to stop seeing ads on the Web — and to stop Google tracking their online activities at the same time.


Slow Nexus 6? Android’s new default encryption feature could be to blame

Android 5.0 Lollipop applies full disk encryption by default, which means that new devices like the Nexus 6 take a performance hit — AnandTech has the benchmarks that show just how bad it is.


Nokia’s back with an Android tablet, and it’s free, single, and fabulous

The N1 Tablet marks Nokia's return to mobile hardware, just a short time after we thought it had left us forever. The Android-based, Z Launcher-equipped slate is great news for us today, and bodes very well for the future. Welcome back, Nokia.


Amazon’s next venture? A hotel booking service, apparently….

Big Amazon shopper? How do you like the idea of booking a hotel through the site, too? From the start of next year, you may be able to do just that, as the Web company is reportedly gearing up to launch a hotel reservation service called Amazon Travel.


Malware-hosting e-cigs could be bad for your computer’s health

You might want to think twice before plugging your e-cig into your laptop to charge it, particularly if it's a cheaper brand — reports say some devices have been found to be carrying malware.

Cool Tech

The Z97 Quiet Gaming is the obvious choice if you want to play PC games in peace

Gaming computers have become outlandishly powerful, but they're also loud. AVADirect has built a computer for those looking to play in peace, but has eliminating noise also hurt…

  • Pros: Attractive but subdued enclosure , Easy to upgrade…
  • Cons: Not the quickest processor , Average SSD performance…

Dish subscribers get their Turner back as CNN, TNT, and others come back online

The month-long blackout of several key channels from Turner ends, as several major channels including CNN, TNT, Turner Classic movies, and others return to Dish Network.

Home Theater

Lost and X-Men stars join the cast of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break [updated]

Lost star Dominic Monaghan and X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Shawn Ashmore appear to be filming appearances in Quantum Break, if the screengrab of a now-deleted tweet is to be believed.


The European Parliament wants to chop Google up into different pieces

The European Parliament is considering a draft motion that would split Google up into different companies. The rationale is that Google has become too large of a company.


Ditch the kettle: Save energy by boiling water with an electromagnetic field

Chudy and Grase's Miito boils water without a tea kettle, so no water or energy is wasted. It uses an electromagnetic field to boil the amount of water you need for tea or any other use.


The new real: Paul McCartney offers a virtual reality experience of live performance

A new virtual realty app from Jaunt allows fans to view Paul McCartney perform live in virtual reality from multiple angles.


Tired of tangled Christmas lights? Nab yourself a set of wireless ones instead

Rather than drawing power from a poorly camouflaged green wire, Aura's Christmas lights get their juice from a magnetic field that transfers energy to any receiver inside of it, so they're completely wireless and won't tangle.


Lost your crystal ball? Nokia’s Here Maps will predict when the traffic will be at its worst

Nokia has launched Predictive Traffic, a feature soon to be integrated with its Here Maps navigation program, which will help plan the fastest and least congested route up to 12 hours in advance.