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Google Technology Used In Search Appliance

E-Commerce News has posted an interesting article about Google’s enterprise search solutions based on an interview with Google Enterprise general manager Dave Girouard.

“The funny part is it’s easier to find box scores from the 1957 World Series than it is to find last quarter’s sales presentation in the enterprise. While Web search has gotten really good, enterprise search has stagnated, and that’s why we really believe it’s a problem that needs to be solved and that Google has a unique set of capabilities to solve it,” Girouard said.

The search appliance — which includes hardware, software and support — interacts with an organization’s datacenter to search either an intranet or a business’ external Web site. Companies as diverse as Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas, PBS, USA Today, the U.S. Army and Sun Microsystems already have adopted Google’s  offering.

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