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NVIDIA GPU Selected for Medion MD 40274

The GeForce FX Go5600’s outstanding graphics capabilities and superb video functionality are a perfect complement to the MD 40274’s rich, multimedia-focused feature set.

“NVIDIA’s mobile solutions are unparalleled in terms of sheer performance, video capabilities, and innovative power-management techniques,” said Darvin Becker, vice president of marketing for Medion in North America. “The GeForce FX Go5600 is a great example of how NVIDIA is able to deliver a jaw-dropping multimedia experience on a notebook that was previously only available in the most high-end desktop systems.”

The GeForce FX Go5600 is the ultimate mobile graphics solution for mobile entertainment computing. Designed to deliver cinematic-quality special effects and studio-quality color, the GeForce FX Go enables 3D worlds and characters to come alive like never before. Combined with world-class video playback and rock-solid software stability, reliability, and compatibility—the GeForce FX Go5600 is changing the way people use a notebook PC.

“Medion is highly regarded in Europe as an innovator in multimedia PCs,” said Jeff Fisher, executive vice president of worldwide sales at NVIDIA. “The MD 40274 is a multimedia juggernaut, and with the GeForce FX Go 5600’s rich feature set and blistering graphics performance, the MD 40274 is sure to satisfy the most demanding notebook user.”