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Deer Hunter 2005 Shipping To Stores

 Deer Hunter(R) 2005 represents the most robust hunting experience for the series to date with stunning new graphics, exotic new locations, realistic animal behavior and multi-player gameplay. The best-selling PC hunting franchise since 1997, Deer Hunter games have sold nearly four million units in the U.S.

“The Deer Hunter series is the number one PC hunting brand and Deer Hunter 2005 marks the most realistic hunting experience to date for the franchise,” says Nancy MacIntyre, vice president of marketing, Atari, Inc. “The newest addition to the series really puts players’ skills to the test with an advanced animal AI, realistic animal behavior models, a new map editor and the addition of a multi-player experience.”

With accurate targets and addictive gameplay, Deer Hunter 2005 lets players experience a real-life hunting experience on the PC. Catapulting the series to six new locations, Deer Hunter 2005 features terrain from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Southeast and Northeast to Canadian, Australian and German locales. Five new species of deer found in those locations, including the Axis Deer and the European Roe Deer, add realism to the game. Sophisticated animal behavior models and an advanced animal AI add compelling gameplay and increase the depth and challenge of the missions.

Deer Hunter 2005 also gives players the ability to play multi-player tournaments with up to 16 players via the Internet or LAN connection and a new custom Map Editor allows fans to create their own hunting scenarios. Other new features include a huge variety of weapons including the ability to customize your rifles to bring down prize game, and a wide variety of ammunition, equipment, vehicles and transportation.

Developed by Southlogic Studios, Deer Hunter 2005 is rated ‘T’ for Teen and is available at retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.99.