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DWIN Debuts Three New Plasmaimage Systems

DWIN Electronics, Inc. will demonstrate its new plasma display systems at CEDIA 2004, SR-4. The new displays, Plasmaimage HD Series, offer exceptional color reproduction, lifelike motion-picture performance and a unique, two-component design that seamlessly integrates all video sources for sensible control of digital home theater.

DWIN will offer two plasmas with a native resolution of 1365 x 768 pixels (HD-150, 50-inch diagonal screen size and HD-161, 61-inch diagonal screen size), and a smaller display with a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (HD-142, 42-inch diagonal screen size). All Plasmaimage HD systems come with DWIN’s acclaimed TranScanner outboard native-rate processor/scaler.

Plasmaimage(TM) HD-series plasma systems deliver true high definition video with stunning, film-like picture quality. For improved color fidelity, contrast and brightness, each of the three color cells (RGB) that comprise a plasma pixel have individual color filters encapsulated within the glass substrate. Black stripes are also embedded between each cell to absorb ambient light and enhance black levels.

DWIN displays are engineered to provide the most natural reproduction of colors and moving images possible in a plasma display. DWIN plasmas feature Dynamic Luminance Control(TM) which dynamically optimizes luminance and contrast. Sudden changes in image brightness appear subtle and smooth compared to conventional plasmas. All DWIN HD-Series plasmas also feature 12-bit color processing, enabling rendering of more than 68.7 billion color shades.

More detailed technical specifications appear on the DWIN web site, www.dwin.com.

Bypassing the display’s original scaler, the DWIN processor delivers native resolution digital video signals via a single high bandwidth DVI-HDCP cable. This unique two-component design provides easy installation and hassle-free connectivity while reducing cabling costs.

To help prevent phosphor burn from static images, DWIN’s exclusive MotionAdaptive Screen Saver circuit automatically engages after sensing a non-moving picture for two minutes. The system automatically powers off if the image remains static longer than five minutes.

Like all DWIN systems, Plasmaimage HD-series plasma systems incorporate two complementary components: a native resolution high-definition display and a TranScanner(TM) outboard processor/controller. The processor is virtually future-proof, accepting 10 digital or analog video inputs including six HD sources: two DVI/HDCP, two RGB, two S-video, two component and two composite.

Exceptional movie theater realism is achieved with DWIN’s acclaimed video signal processing. Deep black levels and natural color reproduction are secured with precision gray scale settings and gamma selections. Motion artifacts are reduced with Adaptive Film Mode processing and picture depth is increased with Signal Dynamic Range Expansion.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $8,995 for the HD-142 system, $10,995 for the HD-150 system and $19,995 for the HD-161 system.