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Flat Screen TVs Could Be Most Wanted

“We conducted the survey to help determine what promotion to offer our resellers for outstanding sales efforts,” according to David Render, AccountMate’s chief operating officer. “We know that our resellers are very technical savvy, but we had no idea how strongly that would translate into their choice of personal Christmas gift,” he continued.

The company asked a random sample of resellers what their choice of personal Christmas gift would be this year. “They did not know that their responses would affect the promotion we would be offering,” Render said. “Otherwise it might have skewed their responses.”

Only one preference was accepted from each respondent in the survey. Electronics far outpaced all other responses with a 43.4% rate. Flat screen TVs were the most desired gift within the group with a 35% response rate. Other electronics on the wish list included digital cameras and video recorders.

“We constantly listen to our resellers as part of our ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ approach. That’s our way of saying we focus on getting reseller feedback before we roll out new pricing, products and policies.” Render continued, “I guess we should be thankful that our resellers weren’t wishing for new Porches.”

Visit the AccountMate web at www.accountmate.com/giftsurvey/ to cast your vote for favorite Christmas gift.