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NEC shows off new 83′ Plasma

Comprised of 4 matrixed PlasmaSync 42VP4 plasma displays and an included quad wall mount, the 84VP4 provides a complete solution with a display area of almost 3000 square inches. With 88% more screen area than a 61″ plasma display at a comparable street price, the new 84VP4 offers an incredible value. “The new 84VP4 offers a vast, dynamic display with incredible video quality that creates a huge impact, yet is sleek enough to mount easily to a wall,” said Mike Piehl, plasma product line manager for NEC Solutions America, Visual Systems Division. “And with the ability to display one large image or up to four different sources at a time without external processing, the 84VP4 gives users superior versatility in digital signage, teleconferencing and corporate lobby applications.” The new 84VP4 offers a suite of features important to public display users, including the choice between an anti-glare screen (in the 84VP4D) for high ambient lighting conditions and an anti-reflective screen (in the 84VP4) for normal conditions. The individual 42″ displays feature built-in 8W x 8W stereo audio and a built-in programmable timer that allows the displays to virtually operate themselves.

With a progressive scan driving method and a high native resolution of 1706 x 960, the 84VP4 allows for sharp, crisp images that are stable and flicker-free. Exclusive new NEC advancements provide jitter-free images and reduced distortion while smoothing jagged lines and correcting color bleeds for clear, stable color images and easy-to-read text. Enhanced white balance flexibility enables users to make individual color adjustments without altering the color temperature. And the highest video and data display quality is ensured thanks to Advanced AccuBlend