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Nextel Ready For LNP Deadline

Nextel Communications Inc. and Nextel Partners Inc. today announced complete readiness for the final phase of wireless local number portability (WLNP), which allows customers to switchservice providers while keeping their phone numbers. The Federal Communications Commission’s mandate went into effect last November in the top 100 U.S. markets. The FCC deadline for the nation’sremaining markets is May 24.

“We made a significant investment in our infrastructure, technology and training to ensure full readiness for each deadline,” said Mark Schweitzer, senior vice president of marketing for Nextel, which offers its differentiated wireless service in the country’s largest metropolitan areas. “With systems in place, our dedication to complete customer satisfaction is as steadfast as ever. We look forward to welcoming new customers on May 24.”

“The results of the first phase of wireless local number portability reinforced the obvious. Companies win customer loyalty with service that exceeds expectations, provides technology innovation and produces value,” said Perry Satterlee, vice president and COO of Nextel Partners, the exclusive provider of Nextel digital wireless services in the mid-sized and rural U.S. markets it serves. “We will continue our unmatched commitment in these areas, which has helped both companies maintain among the best customer retention in the industry through WLNP’s introduction.”

To ensure a seamless porting process, Nextel and Nextel Partners have implemented extensive staff training and internal system and process testing. Since the ability to “port” numbers will also depend on the readiness of other carriers, the companies will work closely with customers to make the porting process as smooth as possible. For information on switching to Nextel, customers can visit www.nextel.com for wireless local number portability details and tips, or visit one of more than 500 Nextel retail stores nationwide.

Source: Nextel’s press release.