Digital Trends’ Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week, September 3, 2010

Digital Trends top 5 viral videos of the week september 3 2010 keenan

If Bill and Ted were able to jump back in time and convince John Logie Baird (the man arguably responsible for transmitting the first moving image back in 1925) to return with them to the present day in their telephone-booth time machine, Baird would likely be baffled and shocked by the long, strange, evolutionary twists to video that have resulted in the rise of the viral video clip.  Then he would probably laugh himself sick when he saw his wonderful technology being used to capture that most personal and hilarious of moments when a guy gets hit in the junk, or a fat guy sings a techno song.

The Internet has changed the way we watch video, and nowhere is that more obvious than with the rise of the viral video. A handful of years back, few could have predicted that millions of people would watch Leroy Jenkins ruin the best laid plans of a World of Warcraft guild (but at least he had chicken), or that a pudgy guy in a homemade Tron costume would become a pop culture phenomenon, but the world has changed.

With that in mind, we thought we would go through the long and arduous task of watching several hilarious, impressive and entertaining videos, then choose our top five each week.  It’s a tough life, but don’t worry, we are professionals.  If you have a video that you think should make next week’s list, e-mail it in to us!


Dancing Merengue Dog

There is a thin line between genius and creepy, a line that this man and his dog are straddling with a devil-may-care whimsy. At least we hope it is his dog. If not things, might get really weird when the dog’s owner discovers that their pet has been trained to dance a semi-erotic dance with a middle-aged man.

Kevin Butler’s Epic PlayStation Move-tage

What viral video roundup would be complete without Sony’s VP of Fictional VPs. One word: Viking. Awesome. Some people say that Butler is not actually a real person, and instead he is an actor named Jerry Lambert. Lies. Lies! Regardless, the videos are funny, so watch and enjoy.


In Russia, you don’t own the cat, the cat owns you! Apparently the recruitment for the Russian Federal Security Service (the agency born out of the KGB) has hit a new low. Well, at least they are thinking outside of the box.

ICON- Shinobi

If you thought you were really good on a motorcycle, the Japanese rider Shin Kinoshita is here to remind you that you are not. Kinoshita proves that physics are just something that happens to other people, and pulls off some of the most insane trick riding that can be done without a Hollywood budget and a team of special effects artists. People that ghost ride your whip, the ball is in your court.

Teenage Dream (with me)

This video defies description. Everything we could say just pales before the actual content. It is… well, one of the actual comments in our office was “I can’t stop watching.  I want to, I really want to, but I just can’t take my eyes off of it.”