Is The Computer World Annoying?

Quote from the article:

“Computers are practically an essential part of everyday life for a majority of the world. We use them at work, at school, at home, and even when on the road. Computers can bring a lot of useful information to you at the press of a button. However, computers can also bring a lot of useful information about you to corporations or even those with malicious intents.  While a majority of our visitors are familiar with the terms like spyware, adware, and virus, there are still a large number of computer users who have never heard those terms, or have no idea how to protect themselves.  In this article, we hope to inform and educate the less knowledgeable about the darker side of technology, and provide some resources on how to keep your computer safe. At this point, we won’t be reviewing the various antivirus or adware-removal utilities; however that may come sometime down the road.”

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